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Card FAQs

1. Who can order a Debit/ Prepaid Mastercard from DSBC and is this debit card good for international traveling?

Only our customers who are currently owning a current account with us would be able to order a Debit/ Prepaid Mastercard with us. With multi-currency accounts, which allow you to hold onto multiple currencies, you can travel anywhere and don’t need to worry about the exchange rate of your debit card.

We will support you with MasterCard services since you have registered with DSBC account (either personal or corporate account). There are some eligibility requirements for account holders before onboarding. Clients would need to be at least 16 years old and have completed the verification process with DSBC.

Before ordering a MasterCard, you need to maintain enough money in your available balance to cover the card issuance fee and express card delivery (if any). See more: Card Issuance Fee

Card account offers a variety of types for your payment in different currencies. We offer EUR card for you, but if you need more cards in other currencies namely USD, GBP, CHF you can request additional cards. For business cards, you are required to indicate the cardholder name. The indicative cardholder has to be the account holder. The number of the issued card can be up to 5.

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2. How to register for 3D secure to make my DSBC card a secure overseas Debit card?

The 3D-Secure solution (MasterCard Secure Code) is a system created to reduce the risks when using cards online, this will include frauds, cyber-attacks and more. It got this done by requesting customers to enter additional code provided by the card issuer, which is DSBC Financial Europe, at the time of the transaction. This code would be unique and only you have the access to it, the retailer and everyone else would not know about this code.

With DSBC Financial Europe, you are not required to apply this function, because we set default on mode for all of our clients. Whenever you pay online, you will receive a secure code OTP to complete the transactions, shopping, traveling tour or online air tickets...

In addition to that, our multi-currency account allows customers to save funds in foreign currencies, which can be used for travelling and shopping abroad, which make a seamless experience when you travel overseas with our debit card.

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3D-Secure 2 - New Improved Security Process for Merchants

3. When I receive the DSBC Financial Europe debit card, what do I need to do next?

After receiving your DSBC Financial Europe card via postal service, here are some extra steps you should do to ensure the security of your account.

  • Make sure the envelope is completely sealed and there is no sign of opening attempt.
  • Please visit our website: to activate and to change PIN number.
  • For steps to ensure your DSBC Financial Europe card is kept secured, please follow the instructions on our letter sent with the card.
  • As soon as you get the card, please sign on the back of it.

In the case that you have even the slightest suspicion of someone else has opened the letter or if you have lost your card please let us know immediately via our hotline number +370 5 240 5555

Save DSBC Financial Europe phone number (+370 5 240 5555) to your phone or notebook to contact if needed and please download our DSBC apps for 24/7 easy access to your account for performing and tracking any transactions.

For any more non urgent matter, please contact us via our email at [email protected].

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4. How to activate my new DSBC's Debit Card?

After receiving your card, you need to activate it within 3 months of the card issue date specified in the system, which can be accessed through our DSBCnet internet banking or via our mobile app.

The card can be activated by following the instruction enclosed in the envelope sent to you together with the physical debit card. In addition, your RM is always available to assist you if there are any difficulties, please contact us via our hotline at: + 370 5 240 5555 or our email: [email protected].

5. Can I withdraw cash from my Payment Card?

Certainly. DSBC Financial Group’s Prepaid Mastercard is issued by DECTA Limited pursuant to a license by Mastercard International Incorporated. Therefore, you totally can withdraw cash from your DSBC Payment Card via any cash points (ATMs) that display MasterCard brand marks. 

If the cashpoint has difficulties in acceptance of the DSBC Payment Card, please firstly check all brand marks on that cashpoint to ensure the appearance of the MasterCard trademark. Then, please find another cashpoint having the MasterCard logo and try again. However, if the problems still persist, we are more than willing to support you. Please email to [email protected] or call us +370 5240 5555.

6. Is the payment card of DSBC Financial Europe protected by any licenses?

The DSBC Financial Europe Payment Card is a prepaid card issued by DECTA Limited - a fully licensed e-money institution, authorized by the FCA UK, which provides end-to-end solutions of card issuance for DSBC Financial Europe. Thus, DECTA Limited is the one who makes decisions on the approval for cardholder onboarding and will be responsible for the amount of money being topped up to the Client’s Card Account. For more details, please see the  DSBC Financial Group Payment Card Agreement.

The payment card is not linked to the DSBC Financial Group Account, but you still can top up and withdraw via DSBCnet. Therefore, risks associated with disclosing private information or losing funds from the card will be minimized, your accounts are protected by all those issues.

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