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Coronavirus outbreak - Leading through the crisis with DNBC Financial Group

Coronavirus outbreak - Leading through the crisis with DNBC Financial Group

The daily number of corona-virus infections in the world has been accelerating extraordinarily. The pandemic impacts severely on world economics and European economics too. As a part of the community, DNBC Financial Group is willing to give a hand in supporting European enterprises and merchants.

DNBC Financial Group NEWS 1: Coronavirus outbreak - Leading through the crisis with DNBC Financial Group

DNBC Financial Group provides all financial solutions for your business through providing remittance, foreign exchange, card issuance, merchant account payment services and international payment. We take all our effort to ensure the operation runs continuously. There are a huge number of solutions that the board of DNBC Financial Group has made to protect our client’s business in Europe and over the world.

1. Ready to accompany our customers and respond to any situation

It is our duty to always plan and be prepared to ensure safe and routine customer transactions. At DNBC Financial Group, we already have detailed plans to be ready to deal with unforeseen issues that can arise and reduce the effect on customer service.

2. 24/7 Customer Support

To help customers protect their business and their money, DNBC Financial Group tries our best to maintain customer service hotline and other contacts constantly. Thousands of firms are facing huge challenges in business during the Covid-19 crisis. Therefore, customers can rely on us when you have problems in managing your finance. Our services will still be open to you. Our offices and branches remain as usual. DNBCnet online payment app  is totally unaffected.

However, in some urgent situations, clients can contact us to get support immediately through hotline +370 5240 5555 (Lithuania), +65 8539 5643 (Singapore) and +84 36 322 8088 (Vietnam) or email [email protected].

For more convenience, you can contact your Relationship manager directly to be advised.

3. Grand package support for clients who get exposed to a new account

From 1st of April, DNBC Financial Group launched a brand new offer to help small and medium enterprises, start-up firms, merchants and mature corporates overcome the Coronavirus crisis with FREE opening account fee for both personal and corporate accounts. For more information, please click here:

4. Please pay attention & protect yourself against Information Technology Crimes related to COVID-19

By taking advantage of fear around the world, cyber criminals can spread covid-19 by sending emails to steal personal information or credit card information. You should be aware of any info on other social networking sites, texts or phones, and do not open suspicious links or files from unknown emails.

To update the latest news about the Coronavirus around the world and health advice, please visit

Together we fight to the pandemic.

Thank you,
DNBC Financial Group


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