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Did you know what the safest way to transfer money to someone is?

Did you know what the safest way to transfer money to someone is?

When transferring money, whether as an individual or as a business, the safety of your funds should be your top priority. The provider you select must be approved, licensed, and regulated by the authorities in the markets in which they operate. This gives you the assurance you require to send money anywhere in the world

In this guide, our DNBC Financial Group’s experts will go over the risks and security concerns to be aware of when sending money, as well as the safest way to send money. This includes the general security of internet-based transfers, how to evaluate platform security, and the security protocols that protect online transfers.

What is the safest way to send money to someone?

What is the safest way to send money to someone?

What is the safest way to send money to someone?

Before sending money, it is wise to be well-informed about the safest methods of sending it because money transfer scams are getting more sophisticated over time. Platforms are constantly pressed into hiring ethical hackers to reinforce their systems from within. Here are some examples of the safest way to send money, both domestically and internationally.

Bank transfers

Bank transfers are classified into two types: bank transfers and ACH transfers. In both cases, money is transferred from one bank to another and then to an account. Opening a bank account in most jurisdictions necessitates the submission of legal documents as well as identity verification procedures.

These procedures make it slightly more difficult for fraudsters to exploit bank transfers. When it comes to wire transfers, the SWIFT network, which banks use to send money around the world, is widely regarded as secure. If you intend to send money abroad using a bank account, you should be aware of higher exchange rates and the fact that many banks charge fees for doing so. As a result, while online banking is convenient, these transactions may not be reasonable.

Online digital platforms 

Users can transfer money globally or domestically using online money transfer services, which are efficient, cheap, and relatively safe. A web-based platform or a mobile app can be used to perform the transfers.

These companies can save you time and money, and they are safe to use as long as you send your money to a reputable provider. Our service is an ideal option you can consider. The DNBCnet App is available for both iOS and Android. With the DNBCnet App, you will be exposed to the most recent trends in app interface design, including user-friendly features and incredible light themes. Our one-of-a-kind design and one-touch functionality enable you to enjoy the digital environment on your phones as well as the convenience of making transactions while on the go.

Additionally, the app enables one-touch account management and worldwide transactions at any time, anywhere. With the one-touch interface, you can: 

  • Easily manage your accounts and access all services. 
  • Utilize our OTP through SMS on your phone and two-factor authentication to keep your accounts secure (2FA). 
  • Conveniently and affordably transfer money between 170 nations and territories worldwide.
  • Pay up to EUR 200,000 per day on a personal account and up to EUR 500,000 on a business account.

International money orders

International money orders are a convenient way to send money overseas. To send money, the sender must provide a photo ID, signature, and other information. If a money order is lost in the mail, the sender can request cancellation and reissuance. 

Money orders are less regulated than bank transfers and money transfer companies, making them more vulnerable to fraud and scams. They can also be stolen and fraudulently cashed (though this is more difficult with an international money order than it is with a regular cheque), making reissuance difficult, if not impossible.


Because cash is the most liquid asset, it may be the most convenient. However, it is the least secure in terms of security, as if someone steals the money you're transferring, there's no way to recover it.

Are there any additional security precautions to take when making international transfers? 

When transferring money, the user is expected to take the necessary precautions to reduce his or her exposure to fraudulent activities. Here are some pointers to think about.

Users should not give anyone access to their online account details, including passwords. This applies to both platform providers and online banking accounts.

Clients should be on the lookout for hoax or spam emails. They should identify and delete any suspicious emails as well as any spam emails from unknown sources. Scams can range from emails that appear to be from friends in an emergency to people claiming they will send you millions if you just make one small payment to assist them in moving the funds.

Personal document security: Make certain that documents such as photo IDs, driver's licenses, passports, and others are properly secured and only convenient to you or authorized parties.

Avoid using insecure Wi-Fi: Making online purchases via public networks puts you at risk of identity theft. Use password-protected private networks at all times.

Install antivirus software such as Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Norton, and F-Secure, among others, to protect your device.

Do safer transfers cost more?

It's also important to keep in mind that reliable platforms all have strong security, thus the cost of security doesn't typically make one provider much more expensive than another.

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