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DNBCnet Introducing New Features Top-up Mobile

DNBCnet Introducing New Features Top-up Mobile

DNBC Financial Group® has been launching a new Top-up Mobile feature on the DNBCnet application since September 2021. With this new feature, users are going to be more convenient in all mobile daily activities.

DNBCnet Introducing New Features Top-up Mobile

A New Upgrade For DNBCnet Version 2.0

DNBCnet has changed the new interface version 2.0 for both iOS and Android versions. In this new version, we have upgraded the system for the application that produces a newer interface, faster speed, and colors & icons on the application are more visible. All of the above changes are modified with the aim of enhancing customers’ experience. We are also looking forward to receiving more feedback from our customers for further improvement in version 3.0

New Features From Top-Up Mobile

Since September 1st, 2021, DNBCnet has been rolling out a new feature of Top-Up Mobile. Typically, users can easily recharge for themselves or friends and family anywhere, anytime. This feature is not entirely unique, but it is a completely different experience to DNBC’s users. We have made several improvements to this feature, especially the ability to top-up anywhere in the world (for the more than 173 countries where DNBC Financial Group® provides such services,..)

Top-up Mobile Highlight

Let’s imagine that you are on a vacation with your family or your friends in another country. You do not have a local phone number and have to use the Internet on an existing one that is available in this country to search, to find the locations, or even to take some selfies and post them on social media. Then suddenly you use beyond the limit of the amount of money that the sim card offers. You do not know where to top up, or even spend a lot of money to buy a new SIM card. DNBCnet will help you solve all the problems with just one simple “click”, then you continue to use your service. With more than 173 countries in which we operate, we offer a variety of mobile recharge cards. You will no longer have to worry about finding a place that sells top-up cards or a place to help you top up your phone.

Top-up Mobile Userguide

  • Before you start to use the Mobile Top-Up, please make sure that using only one tab on the browser (required) for logging in to the payment platform. This feature helps to prevent your accounts from malware and phishing attacks while having assessments from other websites.
  • Since you have an account (payment platform account) with us, log in to your account through our internet payment DNBCnet or access From the Homepage interface, look on the left and scroll down the vertical navigation bar.
  • Looking for the subsections of the REMITTANCE Tab and click on the subsection of Mobile Top-Up. After that, you are going to see the MOBILE TOP-UP INFORMATION showing up on the right. Depending on your IP location, our system will suggest the most usual network operators for your reference. There are 3 Step Processes to use Mobile Top-Up: Input, Verify and Result. For convenience, clients can switch the network operators by choosing the preferred country and entering the phone number.

Top-up Mobile Userguide

(Click on the following link to download and view the DNBCnet User Guide detailed instructions)

Why you should use DNBCnet

DNBCnet is gradually being developed so that customers can experience all technology-related activities right on our application. We know that Top-up Mobile is not entirely unique, but with an upgrade to operational territory, anytime and anywhere support is what sets us apart from the rest of other apps. In addition, in the future, we will provide more services and utilities for other versions of the DNBCnet transfer money application. We are extremely grateful to our partners and loyal customers for constantly accompanying, using the services, and sending quality feedback to DNBC Financial Group®. Constructive feedback will motivate us to grow more and more in the future. Let's look forward to our progress in the future.

*Note: Currently, Mobile Top-Up feature is available on website payment platform. Upcoming, we are going to update this new feature on different platforms of DNBC to benefit our regular clients. Particularly, we are going to update Mobile Top-Up, on DNBC App Version 3.0 for client convenience.

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