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Do you want to know how to send money to Croatia from the USA?

Do you want to know how to send money to Croatia from the USA?

Despite being located in Europe and a member of the EU, the official currency of Croatia is HRK (Croatian Kuna). This country hasn’t yet adopted the Euro as legal tender. As planned, HRK will be replaced with EUR at the beginning of 2023.

When Euro is officially used in Croatia, money transfers will be more convenient and accessible because of the popularity of EUR.

However, until now, it’s necessary to know how to send money from the USA to Croatia and the best way to send money to Croatia in USD to HRK currency.

Do you want to know how to send money to Croatia from the USA?

Do you want to know how to send money to Croatia from the USA?

How to send money from the USA to Croatia?

Possible purposes of transferring money to Croatia from the USA can consist of: buying property in Croatia, sending wages home, pension transfers, mortgage payments, moving to Croatia, regular payments to Croatia, running a business with imports or exports to/from Croatia…

No matter what reason you have, it’s necessary to realize the best way to send money to Croatia.

Send money to Croatia via a bank

It’s strongly believed that using a bank is an easy and comfortable solution to send or receive money from the USA to Croatia. To some extent, it can be right!

However, International transfers via banks are often costly. Banks use a SWIFT/BIC or IBAN to deal with your international transfers…and most of them will screw you over if you don’t know!

Basically, banks charge a high fee and additional service cost. They also often offer you an unfavorable currency rate.

So, if you plan to transfer money from the USA to Croatia via banks, you can end up losing a lot of funds.

Instead, you can use an online money transfer provider to have better performance.

Use an online money transfer provider

You will save a lot by comparing all of your options and pick the most suitable one for your money transfers. Obviously, It’s more economical and easier than transferring money internationally via a bank.

We list a lot of service providers to transfer money to Croatia from the USA, such as DNBC Financial Group, TransferGo, Remitly, Wise, CurrencyFair, Revolut, PaySend, Skrill, Xe Money Transfer or InstaReM…

If you need to send money to Croatia, DNBC Financial Group is a leading money transfer service provider. For DNBC Financial Group, it stands to benefit:

  • Remittance cost will be cut down up to 90%.
  • The exact amount received by your beneficiary will be known as you set up your transfers.
  • Globally trusted more than 132 countries. (of course including sending money from the USA to Croatia.)
  • It’s free to open an account. The service works and supports 24/7
  • Exchange rates are more competitive and better than traditional banks.
  • The service is fully regulated, so your funds are safe and secure.

Also, you can use other service providers.

You can use Wise to transfer money internationally for your purposes with over 40 countries and all the countries with the Euro. However, you can’t transfer money to someone if they have no checking account in your transfer’s destination.

CurrencyFair is also for international money transfers. It’s an economical way to transact money from other countries with a charge of 0.35% of the total value. But It only works with just a half number of currencies Wise can.

Xe is another service provider. It charges quite a low fee to make international transactions. Sometimes, it can cost more to transfer with Xe than with Wise or CurrencyFair because of their unfavorable rates.

And there is another choice for you as follows.

Cash pickup for transfer money from USA to Croatia

When choosing the cash pickup, your beneficiary can collect the cash from locations nearby. It means it’s not required to digitally deposit into bank accounts.

Cash pickups are convenient, and available in many countries worldwide but it can cost a lot. Your beneficiary can have instant access to the money you have sent once they collect it from the nearby location, without needing to withdraw or exchange for cash.

Basically, the beneficiary isn’t required to pay any charges while picking up cash at a branch. So, cash pickup is one of the most optimal solutions for getting money in Croatia from the USA.

However, keep in mind that if you take a large amount of money to a cash pickup location to send, you should be careful to avoid problems or danger.

What to consider when sending money to Croatia from the USA?

Understand your chosen transfer provider

Select a reputable transfer provider regulated by the legal authorities.

Check out customer’s reviews to feel their service and support levels, and how the company deals with issues if any. From that, you will see how professional and trustful they are.

Find out the fees

Make sure of all transfer fees such as: administrative fees, currency conversion charges and cable costs.

Carefully read the fine print to make sure there are no extra or hidden costs added.

Know the exchange rate

Each service sets a different exchange rate. Try to make a comparison of the exchange rates for your transfer against the mid-market exchange ones by Google Search.

Picking a provider giving the mid-market exchange rate with no markup means that you'll get a better offer.

Estimate the arrival time

It can take between a few minutes and some days to arrive for international money transfers.

Some service providers will calculate the arrival time for your money transfers. You and your beneficiary can get notified through email or SMS when your money is in the beneficiary account.

More about DNBC Financial Group

DNBC Financial Group is a leading startup, offering money transaction solutions all around the world, including from the USA to Croatia.

By setting a high standard for innovation in the money transfer platform and international money transfer apps since 2017, DNBC Financial Group has given optimal solutions for collecting payments, transferring and managing funds.

Currently, DNBC Financial Group is offering a global network of transactions with 132 countries in over 23 currencies, consisting of sending money from the USA to Croatia.

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