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DNBCnet mobile app: Touch and Transfer

DNBCnet mobile app: Touch and Transfer

In today's world, smartphones have become one of the most indispensable things to people’s life. There are more than 3 billion people in the world having smartphones, especially in advanced economies such as Europe, Eastern Asia and North America. Along with the growth of smartphones, apps are running on them becoming “the biggest technical phenomena”. Therefore, to satisfy demand for making transactions via smartphones conveniently, DNBC Financial Group honorably introduces to customers the DNBCnet mobile payment app.

DNBCnet mobile app: Touch and Transfer

DNBCnet mobile app: Touch and Transfer

DNBCnet mobile payment app officially launches with multiple convenient features

Developed with the purpose of bringing the convenience to our valued customers, DNBCnet mobile payment app is designed with outstanding features.

Money remittance

Users can choose to “transfer within the DNBC network” or “transfer to other EU banks”. Now with the mobile app, remittance within the DNBC network will be completed in just a few seconds after confirmation with free of charge. Moreover, customers also can conduct payment to other EU banks’ accounts via the feature “transfer to other EU banks”. Customers can preset a specific time for the transaction to be executed.  This feature helps them manage their financial activities thoroughly.

E-statement for tracking purposes

The mobile money transfer app allows users to export the e-statement which includes all of the account’s detailed activities. The e-statement can be prepared for a monthly manner or up to 2 years. Therefore, account holders can actively export the e-statement whenever they need it. It is easy for them to manage their transactions in a particular period of time.

Instant Notifications

Any news or transaction activities will be notified to the account’s holders in real time. By looking at notifications on the phone, users can grasp updated news or keep an eye out for fraud by tracking all activities conducted through notifications.

Beneficiary list

If a customer has more than one account which can be a personal account and corporate accounts, the beneficiary list can be their "right-hand man". Users can save all payment information of accounts of their partners, suppliers or clients in the beneficiary list.

Why should customers use DNBCnet mobile payment app?

24/7 availability

By using the mobile payment app, the customers will not be limited to accessing time or the location. The app works 24/7 at any places that allow customers to make transactions whenever they have demands.

One-touch screen

All features are integrated in the app and displayed with a user-friendly interface that can help customers to access the service they need with just a touch.

Security of mobile payment apps

The accounts are protected by two factors authentication. Each customer has to login with their own username and password. Besides, in order to make a payment go through, customers must provide OTP code to verify the account holders’ identifications. Those secured layers will protect the accounts from intrusions of fraudsters. Moreover, suspicious activities which attack the account will be informed to the owners through notifications.

About us

DNBC Financial Group holds all rights to the Payment Institution License issued by the Central Bank of Lithuania. We are authorized by the Central Bank of Lithuania to conduct Financial Activities specified in our License. DNBC Financial Group became the trusted choice in terms of SEPA Instant Credit Transfer for individuals and businesses around Europe and over the globe with digital payments and remittance. Customers can use Payment Mastercards for business and personal transactions. Some additional services are international wire transfer, payment Mastercard, foreign exchange service, and merchant account service.

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