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Everything you need to know about moving to Australia from Ireland (2023)

Everything you need to know about moving to Australia from Ireland (2023)

Thinking of moving to Australia from Ireland? It's simple to see why Ireland is so appealing to people looking to relocate abroad.

Australia has a high quality of life, a robust economy, and plenty of well-paying employment in addition to its breathtaking natural beauty and exciting adventures. You can find the culture, entertainment, and easygoing Australian way of life in the country's booming big cities.

If you're an Irish citizen considering making a move Down Under, this article is for you. This covers everything from acquiring the necessary visa to the costs of housing, work, and pretty much everything

Everything you need to know about moving to Australia from Ireland (2023)

Everything you need to know about moving to Australia from Ireland (2023)

The how-to guide for moving to Australia from Ireland for a year

To move to Australia from Ireland for a year, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a visa: You will need a suitable visa to enter Australia, such as a Working Holiday visa or a Student visa.
  2. Research job opportunities: Before you leave, research job opportunities in your desired field to ensure you have a source of income during your stay in Australia.
  3. Plan your finances: Consider your living expenses, travel costs, and other expenses to ensure you have enough funds to support yourself while you're in Australia.
  4. Arrange accommodation: You can start by researching temporary accommodation options such as hostels, homestays, or short-term rentals.
  5. Pack appropriately: Make sure to bring enough clothes and personal items to last you for the year, as well as any important documents you may need.
  6. Organize travel arrangements: Book your flights and arrange travel insurance to ensure a safe and smooth journey to Australia.
  7. Register with the Australian authorities: Once you arrive in Australia, you should register with the local authorities and obtain a tax file number.

Cost of moving to Australia from Ireland

The cost of moving to Australia from Ireland can vary greatly depending on several factors such as your visa type, travel arrangements, accommodation, and living expenses. Here are some general costs you should consider:

Visa application fee

Costs associated with acquiring a visa to go to Australia from Ireland range widely. You may see the costs for some of the most frequently used visa kinds below:

  • Working Holiday visa (subclass 417): The fee for this visa is currently AUD 485.
  • Student visa (subclass 500): The fee for this visa is currently AUD 620, but it can be higher for some programs.
  • Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482): Depending on the term of the visa and other circumstances, the price for this visa can range from AUD 1,150 to AUD 3,770.

Travel costs

Flight prices from Ireland to Australia fluctuate based on departure city, airline, travel dates, and fare class selected. Depending on the time of year and the airline, the price of an economy class one-way ticket from Dublin to Sydney can range from EUR 800 to EUR 1,500. Choosing to fly in first class, business class, or premium economy might potentially increase the total price of your ticket.

A valid travel insurance policy is sometimes a must for obtaining certain visas and is strongly suggested for all travelers. Depending on your trip length, the amount of coverage you choose, and other criteria, the price of travel insurance can be anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand euros.

Note: These are broad estimates, and real expenses may vary based on your unique circumstances. Consider aspects like trip dates, luggage limits, and additional costs when comparing pricing among airlines and travel insurance companies for a more precise estimate.


How much you spend on moving to Australia from Ireland will rely heavily on factors like location and style of living. Costs for several frequent lodging options are as follows.

  • Hostels: Hostels are a low-cost alternative to hotels for short stays, with prices ranging from AUD $25 to AUD $60 per night.
  • Staying with a local family (or host family) is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of a foreign land. A typical night in a homestay might cost anywhere from AU$70 to AU$120.
  • Short-term housing rentals are available on a weekly or monthly basis and include things like flats and homes. Short-term rentals, depending on location and quality, can cost anywhere from AUD $150 to AUD $500 per week.
  • Apartments that fall under the category of "serviced" provide an extra layer of convenience by providing services like housekeeping and linen replacement. A night in a serviced apartment can cost anywhere from AUD $200 to AUD $500, depending on amenities, location, and demand.

Living expenses

Besides the apparent fact that staying puts you in the red every day, there are other crucial expenses to consider in your budget planning as well.

  • Food: Whether you choose to shop for and prepare your own meals or eat at restaurants, you can expect to spend anywhere from AUD $150 to AUD $350 a week on food. The average cost of a restaurant dinner might range from $20 AUD to $50 AUD.
  • Moving around: Depending on where you are in Australia, transportation costs range from AUD $50 to AUD $150 every week.
  • Incidental expenses: Personal care, recreation, and communication cost all fall under the umbrella of “Incidental expenses”: Depending on your preferences and way of life, you may expect to spend anywhere from $200 to $500 each week on these things in Australian dollars.

Furthermore, depending on your visa requirements, you may need to purchase health insurance, which can cost anywhere from AUD 500 to AUD 2,000 per year.


Moving to Australia from Ireland might be an exciting opportunity, but it's crucial to weigh the expense against the benefits. When you factor in all of these expenses and do your homework, you'll be able to make an educated decision about moving to Australia and packing just what you'll need.

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