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How to send money from Canada to US

How to send money from Canada to US

There are numerous choices to send money from Canada to US. So, you may wonder which methods are the best option to help you save costs and time when transferring money to the US from Canada. The answer will depend on many factors, and DNBC Financial Group’s experts will help you clarify things in this article.

Overall, digital money transfer businesses via websites as well as mobile applications may cost you less than the traditional transfers provided by local banks.

How to send money from Canada to US

How to send money from Canada to US

How to send money from Canada to US

There are a wide variety of options to send money from Canada to US.

Using the SWIFT network to send money from Canada to US

The SWIFT payment network collaborates with over 10,000 financial organizations all over the world. Additionally, the process of sending money by SWIFT payments is very easy. However, before choosing this method, you should consider some drawbacks relating to cost, wait time, and transparency.

Using a money transfer service to send money from Canada to US

Transferring money through a money transfer service is significantly faster and cheaper than going through traditional banks. There are many providers you can choose from, including DNBC Financial Group. DNBCnet payment platform app allows customers to make international transfers easier and cheaper. You can send, and receive money from 170 countries and territories around the world at the lowest exchange rates within 1 - 5 working days or immediately.

Sending money from Canada to US through international wire transfer

The benefit of this method is that you can easily make it through your bank. The risk is that you may send your money to the incorrect account if the recipient’s bank information hasn’t been properly typed. Moreover, it is also difficult to track these transactions, so if something goes wrong you may lose your money.

In addition, fees may be high and are frequently hidden; therefore, please check carefully all the terms and conditions before choosing this method to transfer money from Canada to US.

Sending money from Canada to US through a global business account

With DNBC Financial Group, you can open a global multi-currency account that gives you the best advantages compared to the other money transfer ways demonstrated above. Learn more about how DNBC helps you make international payments most cost-effectively.

Which is the best way to send money from Canada to US?

Some providers require a minimum payment, while others have no limits at all. Therefore, depending on many factors like transaction amount, transaction speed, and transaction limit, you should find a source of providers that can meet your demands.

At DNBC Financial Group, the transaction limit for business accounts can reach 500.000 EUR/day.

Some other aspects you should make sure to know before choosing the provider:

  • Exchange rates: If you transfer a significant amount, the best exchange rate may help you to save a lot of money.

  • Transaction fees and charges: To avoid hidden fees, discuss carefully with providers prior to making international payments. We also recommend using normal transfers if you have non-urgent transactions.

  • Money transfer provider’s reputation

Note that in most cases, it only takes one business day to send money from Canada to US.

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