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How to send money from India to Ireland easily that few people know

How to send money from India to Ireland easily that few people know

In this article, you will learn about a simple way to send money to Ireland from India. No matter where you live, it can be easy to send money to Ireland.

With the growth of online payments, electronic transactions are becoming more common. Money transfer is one of the most trending services that people use a lot. Have you ever been in case you don’t know how to send money to Ireland for your family or your friends? This is such an annoying hassle. In this article, we’ll show you the way of sending money easily that only a few people know.

How to send money to Ireland easily that few people know

How to send money to Ireland easily that few people know

What do we transfer money to Ireland for?

There are several reasons that people regularly send money to Ireland. Running a business, for example, you need to invest a large amount of money into some projects and transfer them to Ireland. Furthermore, parents who have children studying abroad also usually support them to pay university tuition. In case you’re an expat who immigrates to Ireland per year, you may be also involved in money transfers frequently.

Ways to send money from India to Ireland?

With some common reasons mentioned above, is it hard to send money to Ireland? Absolutely not, the appearance of electric services is assumed to make this transaction much more simple than the traditional method of sending money in person. Generally, there are 3 main ways that people often use to send money. According to these ways, you can choose the best way to transfer money international from India to Ireland for yourself.

Send money through banks

Most banks allow you to move money from your account to another one. Thanks to banks, your money can be sent to the receiver in an easy way. You can come and follow the bank staff’s instructions as well as do the transaction by yourself if you already have a digital account.

Transfer money by online apps

A large number of online money transfer apps appear to assist users with money transfers to the place they want, including Ireland. You just need to download these apps and then sign in to start a transaction. The process may take a few minutes to send money to the receiver successfully.

Use services of money transfer

Looking for a service that can help you send money to Ireland is not difficult. Not only do they support you to assure safe transactions, but they also bring you a better experience than you expect.

The benefits of using money transfer services

The great appreciation of the money transfer services does not come naturally. Most users prefer using them to other methods because of some benefits:

Send money with the speedy process

The highly fast speed of the transaction is one of the most significant benefits of money transfer that you cannot ignore. Compared to traditional banks which often take a week or more to send money to the receiver. Meanwhile, money transfer services can complete your process of money transfer within one or two days.

Assure a high security

Money transfer services tend to put the security of customers’ money as the first priority. To do this, they always update and enhance their systems at the same time. This breaks the thieves’ plan of gaining access to the user’s account number.

Pay for transfer with reasonable cost

The total cost that you have to pay is the combination of the spread and transaction fee. The spread in this situation is a hidden cost that is not disclosed to you during the transaction. In the currency market, a typical bank may charge up to 5% of the overall transfer value in spread and transaction fees. Regarding money transfer services, they never achieve the rate that is near to the market cost. Instead, they provide the cheapest way to send money to Ireland.

The process of a money transfer to Ireland with DNBC

Register for a DNBC account

First, DNBC requires your choice of account type and currency. Next, you also need to provide your information such as name, address, contact, and communication channel as well. Register for a DNBC money transfer account here.

Provide the recipient’s information

After the completion of registration, you can start your money transfer by logging in to your account. Then, choose the service and then provide the receiver’s information in detail such as name, contact information, and bank account.

Choose the amount of money to send

Determining the money that you want to send is the next step in this process. Before carrying out this, it is encouraged that you should be conscious of the currency that your recipient will receive first.

Pay for your transaction

You probably have some methods for payment such as credit cards, debit cards, direct transfers, or payment card. The useful thing that we want to inform you of is that paying for your transfer from your bank account will be the cheapest option.


With the advancement of technology, transferring money to Ireland is no longer a challenge to us. There are many solutions that can help people send money to another country easily and quickly. However, you also need to consider the options carefully before money transfer to reduce risks as far as possible.

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