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Introducing Premium Package - Sign up for the demand of multi-currency exchanges

Introducing Premium Package - Sign up for the demand of multi-currency exchanges

In recent days, DNBC Financial Group has had a transformation, a change to reach further on the world map. We changed our trademark from DNBC to DNBC. With a new logo, new blue-tech color to show the superiority, the optimization, and the growth in our services and products in the future.

We are very grateful to our customers and partners in the past who have accompanied and used our services. To launch this monumental change, we present to you a new product package, one that brings more benefits and savings to our customers. Since August, a new promotion package named Premium for customers opening personal accounts has been displayed on the service platforms of DNBC Financial Group.

About the Premium package

About the Premium package

The new Premium package is a product package that has been cherished by DNBC Financial Group for a long time. Recently, it is the right time to introduce our new package to customers and partners who have been with us since the beginning.

The Premium package brings you free monthly maintenance fee, free to open an account, transfer at any time, and allows many different currencies via SWIFT transfer to make transactions. With this attractive offer, we believe that customers will get more benefits in personal spending as well as save more when using our services.

In addition, customers who are using 2 promotion packages: Elite and Standard can also be upgraded to Premium. We believe that our trusted customer deserves to receive incentives and utilities from the products and services of DNBC Financial Group.

Terms and Conditions of Enrollment

The premium package is not only suitable for partners and customers who have used DNBC Financial Group's services but also extremely useful for “new friends” who want to open an account for international money transfer online. Registering to open an account will be easy, you can completely do this registration online, our customer care department works around the clock to help you complete all procedures at any time.

Terms and Conditions of Enrollment

The most attractive benefit of this Premium package is the complete free of charge with respect to monthly maintenance fee for individuals. This free monthly benefit is valid for personal accounts when making transactions (exchanged to EUR) from 30,000 EUR or more via the SWIFT transfer. The foreign currencies other than the EURO currency and the currencies of EU countries are going to be exchanged to a single currency of the EU (EUR).

Why should you apply for the Premium package?

DNBC Financial Group offers a popular form of money transfer called SWIFT transfer. With SWIFT transfer, your payment solutions are wrapped in one phone through our DNBCnet transfer money application.

For customers who are new friends or you are non-EU customers and want to make transactions all over the world, this is a very smart choice. You just make transactions converted from EUR 30,000 or more via the SWIFT transfer in foreign currencies other than the EURO currency and the currencies of EU countries then you will be free of charge for monthly maintenance. We believe this will be an incredibly beneficial promotion for our customers.

Why should you apply for the Premium package?

In addition, upgrading to the Premium plan is also easy for partners who have used our services. The system will send you a notification so that you can decide on choosing to upgrade your new plan. This upgrade is completely free, as this is a gift that we would like to send to you on the occasion of changing our new trademark.

Utilizing multi-currency

Many companies must handle different currencies as part of their business. Dealing with multiple currencies, which brings challenges such as how to revalue foreign currency or translate financial reports. Clients may also question the functional currency of DNBC.

DNBC supports multiple currencies nationally and internationally. With the multiple currency feature enabled, you can create transactions for foreign customers and partners within our international transfer network.

You can set up a Premium account for personal usages that is going to be supported by consolidated exchange rates supported in DNBC Financial Group. Our system as well as our employees can revalue international currency transactions to EURO. We compare the month-end currency exchange rate to the single transaction exchange rate (EURO) for many foreign currency transactions that allow us to maintain the free monthly fee for any personal account clients. The reference of exchange rates is going to be updated immediately after the completion of the exchange procedure on the ECB website.

Why should you choose Us?

The Payment Institution License issued by the Central Bank of Lithuania is entirely owned by DNBC Financial Group. The Bank of Lithuania has permitted us to carry out the Financial Activities stated in our License. With digital payments and remittances, DNBC Financial Group has become the preferred choice in terms of SWIFT transfer for individuals and enterprises all across Europe and the world. Individual clients can also use Payment Mastercards to make online payments or withdraw cash from a worldwide ATM with the Mastercard.

Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circle design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated, meaning that the Card could be used wherever Mastercard is accepted.

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