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Name some online money transfer services in USA

Name some online money transfer services in USA

Finding online money transfer services in the USA can be confusing because there are various services out there. Also, the charges and fees which are one of the primary concerns aren't often apparent.

Don't worry, DNBC’s experts will share everything about online money transfer services in USA and what is the best online money transfer service in USA.

Some features to consider online money transfer services in USA

In today's technology world, sending money in the form of a check, physical cash, bank draft, wire, or money order seems to go out of fashion. 

While these traditional ways seem less popular, there are faster electronic ways for sending money among accounts, states, and countries. 

This doesn't mean the old methods aren’t still practical options. If the cost of transferring is your big concern, they are still good options for transferring money.

Name some online money transfer services in USA

Name some online money transfer services in USA

Picking the best international money transfer service requires a lot of research. Different international money transfer institutions will apply different transfer processes, and offer a range of features. Here are a few things to look out for:

Coverage - is your expected service available in your destination country?

Ways of making payments - through online or mobile app, by phone or in person

Ways of funding payments - cash, card or from your bank account

How the beneficiaries receive money - cash collection or delivery, bank account

or mobile money

Fees & exchange rate - which can vary depending on funding and payout methods

Delivery speed - it’s expected from instant to 5 business days

Minimum and maximum transfer amounts

Trust and security - No personal information is revealed or your transtraction is smooth. 

What is the best online money transfer service in USA?

Some money transfer institutions specialize in sending money internationally, or provide both domestic & international transfer payment services.

When looking for the cheapest way to send money, there are several options to send money using third party services and work with your bank account in the US. 

In general, you can transfer money from/to the US via a service registered in the location where you’re in.

1. Automatic Clearing House (ACH Transfers)

You can send money to a family member or a friend with ACH transfers. ACH debit transfers are for recurring bill payments or used by employers to deposit salary. 

These are bank-to-bank transfers and can take from 2-4 days to be done. 

If you and your beneficiary have an account with the same bank, you’ll transfer money for free. If you and your beneficiary have different banks, you’ll be charged a tiny fee, about 2-5$ USD.

Commonly, ACH transfers are suitable for smaller amounts which are slower but also more reasonable. 

2. Wire transfers

If you plan on sending money in an urgent case to a bank account in the US or if you’re transferring a larger amount ($7000 USD and more), wire transfers are a great way for you. 

Typically, wire transfers can be done in a few hours, however they’re more expensive. In detail, both receiving and sending banks often charge fees from $15 - 30 USD. 

3. Money Order

If your beneficiary has no savings or checking account, you can transfer money with a money order service. This is a secure alternative to sending cash in the mail. 

Money orders cost from $1-$2 USD and can be made at gas stations, grocery stores or post offices. This way is suitable for transferring smaller amounts. You can send a maximum of $1000 USD on each order.

4. Apps

There are several transfer apps for you to choose from. They include: DNBCnet Mobile app, Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, PayPal and more.

With DNBCnet Mobile App, you will make transactions and manage your accounts in one touch - any time, any place.

Zelle is a payment settlement service that over 100 US banks have integrated with their mobile apps. 

Venmo is a popular payment service in the US. Venmo is good at smaller transfers.

Cash App is a good alternative. They keep innovating faster than others with a focus on what people really want.

PayPal is a popular option for both smaller and larger transfers at up to 10,000$ USD maximum.

5. A bank

A bank can help you with several kinds of transfers. You can transfer money from one account to another within the same financial institution, withdraw money from one account and make the deposit in another or initiate the transfer online.

International money transfers can proceed through your bank with some required information, (name and address of the account holder, the financial institution the money is being transferred to, and SWIFT/IBAN involved.)

6. Western Union & MoneyGram

Western Union & MoneyGram allow you to send money to a different city, state, or country. 

They often charge a flat rate for each transfer based on the transfer speed, the location you're sending money to, and the amount of funds sent. 

Last but not least, if you want to open a US bank account online as a non-resident or a newcomer, it’s easier to get started with a digital money transfer service.

7. An online transfer money service

Many new fintech startups are emerging and providing international money transfers, such as DNBC Financial Group, Revolut, Payoneer or Wise with reasonable fees and competitive exchange rates.

In general, they are convenient, fast and secure. You can transfer money from the USA internationally within a few minutes.

For larger amounts, especially up to $7000 USD, the best services mean to have a percentage fee decrease when the fund amounts of transfer increase.

More about DNBC Financial Group

DNBC Financial Group is a reputable financial institution in the Fintech industry, providing money payment solutions all around the world, especially for business accounts. 

DNBC Financial Group has become the financial service provider since 2017 with payment solutions at reasonable fee and favorable exchange rate.

DNBC Financial Group now has a huge number of customers globally and has become an optimal payment provider in the world.

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