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Send money from the UK to Lithuania using DNBCnet app that few people know

Send money from the UK to Lithuania using DNBCnet app that few people know

DNBCnet is a convenient way to transfer funds from your UK bank account to Lithuanian bank accounts via your mobile phone network. You can use our app to send money to Lithuania from the UK. It's easy, fast, and cheap. You need to follow some simple steps.

You’re too anxious about how to send money to Lithuania? Not everyone is likely to answer this question. The great growth of technology creates a variety of modern methods that can help people to send money overseas effectively. So, in this article, we will reveal a small secret about transferring money to Lithuania that not many people know.

Send money to Lithuania using DNBCnet app that few people know

Send money to Lithuania using DNBCnet app that few people know

Some situations that you need to send money to Lithuania

Lithuania, a country situated in North Eastern Europe, is well known for its powerful empire that dominated much of Eastern Europe in the 14th-16th centuries. According to the current statistics, it shows that the average life expectancy in Lithuania is around 75 years. In addition, the country also has lower taxes and reasonable real estate prices compared to some other countries. All these things lead to the reality that the number of immigrants moving to this country is highly increasing. Simultaneously, this also causes a rise in the demand for transferring money to Lithuania more than before. There are 3 common reasons that people often need to send money to the country:

Support family or friends living in Lithuania

Transferring money to Lithuania is very familiar for families with children studying abroad in this country. Besides, sometimes we can still encounter some rare cases like friends who need money urgently while traveling abroad. Facing these situations, you should know how to send money there to help your friends solve the difficulty.

Pay for bills

Most people with good finance often buy many houses in different countries for investment or to live in. To ensure the values of this home are well preserved, they often have to pay the fees and bills for it. But if you are abroad at that time, transferring money is definitely something you have to do immediately in this situation.

Send money for relatives’ wedding

Lithuania’s breathtaking sights inspire a large number of people to organize wedding celebrations here. In case you cannot attend these relatives' or friends’ events, you still need to give money as a wedding gift, right? That’s why you should know to send money to Lithuania.

The fastest way to send money to Lithuania bank account from UK

In recent years, there are many ways that can help people to transfer money to Lithuania from the UK. Some ways can be mentioned as transferring money by banks, online money transfer , and using money transfer services. Each way will have its own pros and cons, but in general, it is still very effective in transferring money. However, if the question is which one is the fastest way to transfer money, the answer will be using the money transfer service.

Benefits of using the DNBCnet app

DNBCnet is a useful online money transfer tool that was implemented in 2017. This app belongs to DNBC Financial Group which always makes efforts to enhance the applications in order to help users remove their troubles in money management.

Send money with the fast speed

Most people will be annoyed with how long it takes to wait for a transaction to complete. Remittance to Lithuania is no exception. Since it is a transaction involving money, we have to be more impatient than ever. But this will no longer be a matter if you choose to use the DNBCnet app. This app can ensure your money reaches the recipient as quickly as possible.

Make sure the safe transaction

The situation of users’ personal data being hacked by fraud to gain money during transactions is a common occurrence. However, to prevent this bad situation from happening to users, the DNBCnet app was installed with a security system extremely carefully with the aim to protect customer information to give customers a better experience without any worries.

Transfer money with a low fee

Paying extra transfer fees when transferring money has been a thorn in the users’ side. What's more, you have to pay high fees for this transaction. Don't worry, that thorn will be pulled if you transfer money with this app. We can offer you a very low price compared to other ways of money transfer.

How to use the DNBCnet app easily

Using the is not a difficult thing to do. Here, we’ll show you the instructions so that you can start the transaction right now. The process includes the steps below.

Step 1: Make an online application

Step 2: Choose the type of service that is suitable for your requirement

Step 3: Wait and get approval from the app’s system

Step 4: Go live and execute the payment


In what ways do we send money to Lithuania? This question seems to be everyone’s nightmare. However, through this article, we hope that readers can get the way to transfer money to the country easily.

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