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Transfer money to Croatia: detailed guides for 2022

Transfer money to Croatia: detailed guides for 2022

Croatia is a EU member state but it hasn’t adopted the Euro currency yet. Until now, the currency in Croatia still has been Croatian Kuna (HRK). The Euro will be officially used in 2023.

This is part of the reason why sending money to Croatia can be quite challenging. HRK is regarded exotic by most remittance companies. But don’t be confused.

This article will guide you to transfer money to your beneficiary in Croatia. Luckily, it’s much easier to transfer money to Croatia than you think.

Transfer money to Croatia: detailed guides for 2022

Transfer money to Croatia: detailed guides for 2022

Transfer money to Croatia via online money transfer providers

When sending money to Croatia, you can proceed offline by banks, post offices or local money transfer branches, or you can send money online via digital platforms.

Sending with traditional services like banks can be charged high fees, poor exchange rates and slow transfer speeds. It takes time to travel to the branch, wait in a long queue.

So how can you make your transfers easier? Very simple! Just by picking an online money transfer provider. Picking a suitable transfer provider can save you effort, money and time.

You will use a web browser/ app to transfer money to Croatia. It’s much cheaper, faster and more convenient. You can do it yourself from home or anywhere you’re at.

Here are some typical steps you need to know to transfer money to Croatia, especially for the first time:

Step 1: Review, compare and sign up

There are numerous options of providers to select if you want to send money to Croatia. Of course it’s hard to choose a suitable one if it's the first time to transfer money.

As a result, it’s crucial that you review and compare the top providers carefully, and pick the best one after considering and meeting your specific demands.

Next, it’s time to sign up for an individual or business account by providing all the required information. This typically consists of your contact details and a valid ID document.

Step 2: Check exchange rates, set the ball rolling

Try to check historical exchange rates of HRK and look for any recent fluctuations of currency.

Starting transfer procedure is involved in the rate quote by your chosen provider.

After accepting the quote, the next step is to give your provider the beneficiary Croatian bank account details.

Step 3: Make your payment and track the transfer

Transferring money to Croatia consists of two steps. It’s time to proceed with your payment via your provider.

Once receiving your orders, your provider will transfer the funds in the contract to the beneficiary bank account in Croatia.

You can track your transfer's progress by tracking the provider's website. You can get notificated via text message/email.

There are thousands of service providers out there, but here are top providers you need to know. They are DBNC Financial Group, OFX, CurrencyTransfer, Wise, TransferGo, Remitly, CurrencyFair, SingX… whose mission is to transfer money to Croatia and more.

Transfer money to Croatian bank account

If you are wondering how to transfer money to Croatian bank account? Here is the answer.

In case you’re planning on reaching Croatia, you will need a Croatian bank account in HRK or it's also possible to open an account in foreign currency.

A bank transfer is a simple, safe and easy way to pay bills, pay rent, move money between accounts or send a payment to your relatives. You don’t worry about writing a check or handling your cash.

In Croatia, there are more than 30 banks, so you need to do a lot of research before picking one.

With the average service fees of €10-12 per year, Sberbank, Erste & Steirmärkische, Raiffeisen, Addiko Bank, Privredna banka Zagreb (Intesa Sanpaolo), OTP, Zagrebačka banka (UniCredit Group) or Hrvatska poštanska banka are good suggestions.

The required documents for opening a bank account are a deposit, a passport, valid residence permit and application form. The exact documents can depend on each bank, but when you're well-prepared, it’s possible to open an account.

Many banks will let you sign up for an account online like Croatia Banka, Primorska Banka and Raiffeisen Bank.

Alternative ways to transfer money to Croatia

In addition to choosing an online money transfer provider, you can use cash pickup, a check, a credit/debit card, or bank transfer…etc

With various above-mentioned methods, try to do a little research to pick one suiting your needs. For example:

Most ATMs accept standard international credit and debit cards but the fees are rather costly.

You can send your payment through Western Union or MoneyGram and have your beneficiary collect the money in cash at a branch nearby. Of course, you can be charged a high fee.

About DNBC Financial Group

DNBC Financial Group focuses on offering money transaction solutions anywhere in the world.

As a fast-growing startup in Fintech, DNBC Financial Group has set a high standard for innovation in the money transfer platform since 2017 to provide solutions for collecting payments, transferring and managing funds in 132 countries.

DNBC Financial Group currently has an increasing number of users globally, consisting of transferring money to Croatia from anywhere.

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