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Transferring Money Easier With The 5 Best Online Payment Apps In 2022

Transferring Money Easier With The 5 Best Online Payment Apps In 2022

Nowadays, you can easily send and receive money through online payment apps with your smartphone. Moreover, the Coronavirus has also led to the growing popularity of contactless “everything”, so using smartphones for online payments is as desirable as ever. In this article, DNBC Financial Group’s experts will guide you through the 5 best online payment apps in 2022.

Transferring Money Easier With The 5 Best Online Payment Apps In 2022

Transferring Money Easier With The 5 Best Online Payment Apps In 2022

DNBCnet App

DNBCnet App is available on iOS as well as Android. With DNBCnet Wire Transfer Apps , you will experience the latest trend in the App interface design with user-friendly features and stunning light themes. Our unique design and one-touch functionality allow you to enjoy the digital environment on your phones and the simplicity of making transactions while on the go.

In addition, the app allows you to make global transactions as well as manage your accounts in one touch at any time, anywhere. You can:

  • Easily manage your accounts and access all features with the one-touch interface.
  • Keep your accounts safe with our OTP via SMS on your phone and two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Transfer money from/to 170 countries and territories around the world conveniently and cheaply. The transaction could be completed within 1 - 5 business days or immediately depending on the type of transaction.
  • Make payments up to EUR 200,000 per day with a personal account and up to EUR 500,000/per day with a business account.

Apple Pay

It is accessible in many nations and stands out for its smart and simple user interface (UI) as well as design. However, with the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) payment method, you can only use it in the United States. To make the P2P payment, you’ll need to know the recipient's phone number as well as email address to send an Apple message.

Google Pay

Depending on the intended type of transaction, Google Pay is available in a variety of countries and territories. Google Pay is compatible with Android and iOS and is also designed to function on your browser. Google Pay works through your Google account, so you must exchange emails to set up the payments. You also need a personal account because a workspace or business account doesn’t work with it.


It is easy to set up Venmo, which is only accessible in the US. You can send money to your friends by using their usernames without their phone numbers or email addresses. One of its advantages is that all of your friends’ transactions on Venmo are public by default, so anyone can view them in the app’s public feed. This means that changing these settings to private is the first thing you should do when using this app.


As long as it's connected to a bank account, PayPal is free to use (or you have a PayPal Cash bank account). There is a 2.9% fee, plus $0.30 per transaction if you carry out a transaction with a credit card. With the standard transfer, it may take one to three days to appear in your account. And if you want money to show up immediately, you will be charged a 1% transaction fee.

Which is the best app for online payment?

It may be a difficult question to answer. For example, Apple Pay is the best app for those who want to make P2P payments, or DNBCnet App is the best choice for people who are looking for an app with the latest technology, low-cost, and best conversion rates. So, depending on your needs, you can choose an ideal app for making online payments.

About DNBC Financial Group

Founded as a financial institution in 2017, DNBC Financial Group is striving to help individuals and businesses make overseas payments simpler than ever through our best payment platform and global money remittance service. We allow our customers to transfer money internationally from/to 170 countries and territories around the world conveniently and affordably. Now, we have a presence in the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Vietnam.

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