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Ranking in the top list of the high-class financial service providers, DNBCnet provides efficient services of opening all-in-one current IBAN accounts. An alternative cashless payment method that creates feasibility of making and receiving digital payments via global networks with the most secured international transfer systems to help clients handle even the complex banking needs.

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Why Choose Us?

Low cost

Low cost

  • Our low fees and exchange rates are shown upfront.
  • Remittance cost cut down up to 90%.
  • The exact amount received by your recipient will be known as you set up your transfer.


  • Fast remittance with the lowest cost.
  • Smart & simple payment gateway.
  • SMS text will keep up-to-date with your transactions online, 24/7.
Reliably secured and trusted

Secure and Trusted

  • SSL/TLS encryption & cloud data.
  • Registration of Money Service Business.
  • Trusted globally by providing services for over the world.
Simple & Convenient

Simple & Convenient

  • No more cash, no more queuing.
  • Available on many electronic devices.
  • Friendly interface, no need to visit, we’re here to help around the clock.

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Partnership & Intermediaries

Referral Program

  • Become our referrer in 3 simple steps and earn up to C$250 cash reward on every 03 clients you introduce to us. The program applies for DNBC Financial Canada Limited customers who are using our Personal and Corporate accounts.
  • More referring, More earning!

Partnership Program

We cover the market with an ever-growing network of business and professional partners that we actively support in terms of efficiency, sales, and marketing. Earn up to C$510 referral commission on every 03 Personal and Corporate clients today!

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We are always proud of being an experienced Financial Institution in the global financial payment market.

We provide the best payment platform as well as worldwide money remittance service. DNBC Financial Canada Limited can assist you with different payment methods, whether it is a personal account or a business account.