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Remuneration policy

Updated time: Mar 12, 2020, 07:30 (UTC+03:00)

Working at DNBC, employees enjoy a great deal of fair policies and benefits in terms of tangible and intangible values. We recruit the right people to the right jobs. Salary and commission as well as bonus will be paid fairly according to performance and contributions.


Human resources are our assets. The company wants to bring benefits for our staff that fit their capability. We build a flexible, competitive wage and allowance frame that ensures the retention of talent and attracts personnel.

Salary depends on ability

The employees will enjoy the income corresponding to the capacity, effort and contribution.

In addition, the employees will enjoy our bonus regime as follows:

  • Lunar New Year bonus following the experience and performance.
  • 10% of salary on public holidays.
  • Subsidize employees under local labor laws (moon festival, wedding, children’s day, maternity,...)
  • Project bonuses depend on business situation and revenue (if any).

Welfare benefits

Welfare benefits always focus on bringing to the staff a comfortable and solidary working environment.


Having annual company trips for all employees. The trips aim to motivate staff and recharge for new challenges as well as construct a solid team in our organisation.


At DNBC, employees will be entitled to full insurance according to the regulations of the government:

  • Social insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Accident insurance


  • Having a good chance to join professional training during the probation period.
  • Short training courses to help staff get familiar with the pace of a fast moving environment.
  • Participating in e-commerce projects in many different fields.
  • Offering opportunities to engage with the new information technology infrastructure.

Staff life

  • Having visiting programs, supporting employee’s events such as marriage, pregnancy, birth, sickness...
  • Organizing employee’s birthday parties monthly.

What is the recruitment process?

Recruiting talent in today’s competitive job market is time-consuming and takes more effort for the company. The process includes receiving and selecting a resume, interview, and notification of the result.

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