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How do I start?

Step 1
REGISTRATION - Cash Management System


  • Go to and click on REGISTRATION, enter your personal data. Check the data accuracy.
  • Read our General Payment Service Agreement and click on Open an account.
Step 2
IDENTIFICATION - Cash Management System


  • After filling in the required fields, you will be notified that a registration confirmation email has been sent to your indicated email address. Click the link in order to confirm your registration.
  • Shortly after, you will receive an email confirming your successful registration in the system. In order to start using the services, click Log in to the account.
Step 3
SETTINGS - Cash Management System


  • For your first log in, you will be asked to complete certain actions for identification purposes: to confirm your phone number, to provide a photo of your ID document and a photo of yourself.
  • Settings allow you to use all services you need and manage your account in the way you like

*SMS payments received by DNBC Financial Group are paid out once a month or less frequently.


1. How fast and convenient are money transfers within DNBC Financial Group if I use a corporate current account?

No matter wherever you are and whatever currency you transfer as well as whether you are using a personal account or a corporate account, all transfers between all DNBC Financial Group’s clients are free and unlimited in all currencies supported by DNBC.

There are a few things that you need in order to transfer funds to the right recipient. First of all, you and the one you transfer to would need either a personal current account or corporate current account with DNBC. Secondly, you need to login to your online banking on our website (DNBCnet) or our DNBC mobile app and choose the option to transfer money within the DNBC network and input your receiver account number for the transfer and the amount you want to transfer and that’s it, now you only need to wait for the money to be credited to your account or to your recipient’s account, this will normally take a few seconds.

2. What Is SWIFT?

SWIFT - Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

Transaction orders are transmitted between members of this network.

Each member is identified with a unique SWIFT/ BIC code.

To this day, SWIFT is the biggest and most efficient tool for international money transfer, with over 11.000 member institutions in over 200 countries, sending over 5 billions financial messages globally every year.

3. Does DNBC Financial Canada Limited offer international cash management services in terms of global transfers?

At DNBC, we offer a very competitive fee for transferring funds within the DNBC network as well as to other banks across the globe. We don’t define international transferring as a different kind of transferring so you would not be charged extra for transferring internationally compared to normal transferring outside of the DNBC network. In addition to that, DNBC also provides customers with international cash management services as an extension for our current account. These services would ensure that our customers could manage their transactions effortlessly and also to make sure the transactions would reach the destination.

Another inherent part of international transfer is exchange rate, we offer the best possible exchange rate for your transaction, better exchange rate would be applied to your transfer the larger the fund transferred is. If you have registered a multi-currency account with us, you would be able to send and receive money in any foreign currency you want without the need to exchange. The only restriction is that the foreign currency of your choosing must be in our list of supporting currencies so please contact our relationship manager to find out more about which currencies we support.

4. What Does SWIFT Code Represent?

SWIFT works by assigning each member institution a unique ID code that identifies the bank name, country, city, and branch.

For example, a member of DNBC Financial Group in Europe - DNBC Financial Group code is: DSFE LT 21 XXX

  • The first 4 characters represent our institution (DSFE - DNBC Financial Group).
  • The 2 following characters represent the country that the member has been based in (LT - Lithuania).
  • The other 2 following characters might be used to represent the location/city or a combination of numbers based on the organization's liking.
  • There might be an additional 3 characters of the institution’s branches.
5. How quickest way to send money overseas with DNBC Financial Group?

When it comes to wire transfer, the processing time can take about a week or more. However, clients can transfer funds faster with DNBC Financial Group with low fees. We offer various options for you to meet your demands. In general, it takes 2 business days to complete a remittance, but you can choose D or D+1 options which mean you can transfer your funds on the instructing day or the following day respectively. Please refer to the links below for more details:

With Non-SWIFT Instant Transfer, clients can make instant payments up to 15,000 CAD any time between Canadian banks who are members of the Non-SWIFT Instant system. With our online banking website (DNBCnet) or DNBC mobile apps, you will be able to access all the internet cash management services but also finish international transfer in just a few minutes.

6. What Are The Differences Between SWIFT And Non-SWIFT?


Difference between Non-SWIFT and SWIFT:


Network States of Canada. 170 countries and territories.
Currency CAD. Multiple currencies.
Transaction time 01-02 business days. 02-05 business days.
Or more depending on the relationship between the two financial institutions
Transaction limit

10,000 CAD/day for a personal account.

50,000 CAD/day for a corporate account.

This is the default limit when establishing your account.
The limit can be increased up to 200,000 CAD for personal account and 500,000 CAD for corporate account..
Contact +65 6572 8885 for transaction limit update.
Transfer fees Cheaper for transfer within States of Canada. Depends on the fees of the correspondent banks involved.
7. How fast for CAD or USD Transfers within Canada?

DNBC Financial Canada Limited is a member of Non-SWIFT Transfer, so our clients can make instant transfers amounting up to 15,000 CAD within minutes, every day of the week to any bank also in the Non-SWIFT Instant network. Transfers are only charged a flat 5 CAD for each personal or corporate client and can be carried out an unlimited number of times if both the recipient and the sender are in Non-SWIFT Transfer.

If the bank you transfer to is not in that network then the transfer would be counted as a normal transfer, which would take 3 working days for normal transfers and as quickly as the same working day for urgent one with higher fees. You can refer to our personal and corporate account fees for more information on time and cost of transferring.

See more:

8. Can I Send And Receive Transfer In Other Currencies?

At this time, with SWIFT transfer, you can send money from your CAD account to other accounts in any other currencies.

However, when you receive payments in other currencies, the fund will be automatically converted to CAD in your DNBC Financial Canada Limited current account.

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