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Service Faq

1. Who has the authority to open a corporate current account?

A Corporate Account or a Corporate Current Account can only be opened by the chief executive officer (CEO) or the owners of a company. They will need to complete the identification procedure, required by DSBC Financial Europe (""DNBC""), this process will include filling our application forms and a short remote interview. If you ever encounter any issues with the process, our Relationship Manager will be ready to support you, just give us a call. 

In the case where you are not the CEO of a company, but an authorized person, you also need to complete the identification procedure before the process to open the account. Afterward, you'll be required to submit a power of attorney or a permission with e-signature by the company CEO to complete the steps to open a Corporate account. Please don't feel disheartened with the list of required documents, we will provide you with a Relationship Manager to guide you through the process and tell you exactly which paper we would need from you.

Corporate accounts provided by DNBC only available for companies that are currently retaining active status. We will need additional information about your field of operation to complete the opening process. This can be a hassle at first but this process will assist us in providing you with the appropriate features according to your business.

See more: Open a corporate account with DSBC Financial Europe

2. What Is SWIFT?

SWIFT - Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

Transaction orders are transmitted between members of this network.

Each member is identified with a unique SWIFT/ BIC code.

To this day, SWIFT is the biggest and most efficient tool for international money transfer, with over 11.000 member institutions in over 200 countries, sending over 5 billions financial messages globally every year.

3. Can I open a personal account for business purposes instead of corporate account opening?

A Corporate Account is made for commercial or business purposes. It can perform more transactions in one day with a higher transaction limit. A Corporate Account has all the functions of a Personal Account together with the exclusive Merchant Account function, which supports incoming payments to your account including accepting debit/credit cards from customers, support chargeback transactions and many more. In short, if you are interested in running your business effectively with the best possible support, you should choose to open a DSBC Financial Europe Corporate Account.

At DNBC, corporate account opening is as easy as opening a personal account with a dedicated Relationship Manager to guide you through the process, which would make it as simple as it can be. So there is no reason to use a personal account if you want to startup or currently run a business yourself.

See more:

4. What Does SWIFT Code Represent?

SWIFT works by assigning each member institution a unique ID code that identifies the bank name, country, city, and branch.

For example DSBC Financial Europe BIC code is: DSFE LT 21 XXX

  • The first 4 characters represent our institution (DSFE - DSBC Financial Europe).
  • The 2 following characters represent the country we are based in (LT - Lithuania).
  • The other 2 following characters might be used to represent the location/city or a combination of numbers based on the organization's liking.
  • There might be an additional 3 characters, which are the institution’s branches.
5. What Are The Differences Between SWIFT And SEPA?


Difference between SEPA and SWIFT:


Network 28 + 3 EU/EEA countries. 118 countries and territories.
Currency EURO. Multiple currencies.
Transaction time 01-02 business days. 02-05 business days.
Or more depending on the relationship between the two payment institutions.
Maximum amount transferred per day 15,000 EUR/day Unlimited.
Note: The maximum amount can be pre-set when establishing your account.
Transfer fees Cheaper for transfer within the EU/EEA region. Depends on the number of correspondent banks involved.
6. How to open an account for a company which is not registered in Lithuania?

At DNBC, we are aiming to provide the best services for businesses from everywhere across the globe. Companies that are not registered in Lithuania can also apply for a DSBC Financial Europe Corporate account with as simple a procedure as the one in Lithuania. The companies will need to provide following documents for a new corporate account opening: 

  1. Passport of the Directors/ Shareholders (and all related parties).
  2. Proof of residential address of the Directors/ Shareholders (Utility bill or bank statement not older than 3 months) and of those authorized signers.
  3. Documents that verify Business Legal Entity:
    • Certificate of Incorporation (COI).
    • Memorandum of Article of Association (M&AA).
    • Certificate of Shareholders + Licenses (if any).
    • Supporting documents (Commercial Invoice or Sale Agreement, Contract…).
7. Can I Send And Receive Transfer In Other Currencies?

At this time, with DNBC SWIFT transfer, you can send money from your Euro account to other accounts in any other currencies.

However, when you receive payments in other currencies, the fund will be automatically converted to Euro in your DSBC Financial Europe current account.

8. Do I need a corporate account if I am a freelancer and work under a business certificate?

In general, if you are working as a freelancer, you can collect payment to your personal account without the need to open a corporate one. However, this may change according to the law and regulation of every country you are based on so we would review this on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our Relationship Manager for specific information regarding your circumstance and your country specifically.

Corporate account procedure requires our client to provide some legal entity documents that a freelancer is unable to submit. For example when a corporate client applies for a DSBC Financial Europe corporate checking account, they are advised to submit some documents like Certificate of Incorporation/ Registration, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Register of Director & Shareholder, Company Extract ( for European companies only); and a freelancer cannot provide these papers to apply for DNBC corporate account.

On the other hand, a DNBC personal account is also an optimum choice for personal usages. You can execute wire transfers, pay online with DNBC MasterCard, manage your finance effortlessly with payment platform and mobile payment free registration fees and monthly maintenance fee while you only need to provide your identification and address proof.

9. Which situation do I need to inform DNBC Fianancial Europe to make change to our corporate checking account?

You would need to inform us if there are any changes to the structure of the company so we can make appropriate updates to your account, this would include the following situation: 

  1. If your corporation change the chief executive officer (CEO) or the board of directors 
  2. If your corporation change your company address 
  3. If your corporation change beneficial owners of the corporation or shareholders of the company

For the security of your corporate account, you need to inform us as soon as these changes have been officially agreed on so we can prepare the relevant document to change the representative of the company accordingly. If there are change not related to CEO or board of directors, we can change it in the account details but if there is a CEO change, the process of changing would be a little complicated as below:

Your corporate needs to inform DSBC Financial Europe of the new CEO information, we will then prepare an identification process for the new CEO, he or she will have to complete a short interview with us to complete this process. After the identification process, we would have all the necessary information of the new CEO in our system and we can proceed to change the authorised person of your company account to the new one, and remove the old CEO access to said account. This process may seem long and complicated but we only need information and a short interview from your CEO and we will get everything done for you.

However, we suggest that you should go through this process before the new CEO change is made official just in case there are any problems relating to this change.

Please check your corporate account after each change for any problems and notice us as soon as you encounter one so we can fix it immediately so you can continue to run your business smoothly

10. Are There Any Place Limited From Receiving Or Transfering Fund Using Dsbc SWIFT Transfer?

DSBC Financial Europe support SWIFT transfer in 118 countries and territories, excluding the following countries/ territories:

  • Akrotiri
  • Iran
  • Panama
  • Pitcairn Islands
  • Bouvet Island
  • Jarvis Island
  • South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
  • Christmas Island
  • Johnston Atoll
  • Spratly Islands
  • Clipperton Island
  • Kingman Reef
  • Svalbard
  • Ashmore and Cartier Islands
  • Iraq
  • Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  • Midway Islands
  • Syria
  • Coral Sea Islands
  • Navassa Island
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Crimea
  • Norfolk Island
  • Vanuatu
  • Dhekelia
  • North Korea
  • Paracel Islands
  • Baker Island
  • Jan Mayen
  • Wake Island
  • French Southern and Antarctic Lands
  • Pakistan
  • Wallis and Futuna
  • Heard Island and McDonald Islands
  • Palestinian Territories
  • Yemen
  • Howland Island
  • Palmyra Atoll
11. Where can I find the corporate account (corporation online account) option in my DNBCnet?

After logging into your DSBC Financial Europe ( DNBCnet ) online payment, you will see your account details right at centre of the screen, here you can choose which account you want to view, it can either be your personal or corporate account.

Alternatively, you can choose the "Account list" option on the "Fast access" menu on the left side of the screen, then select your account and view details. You can view your available balance of your account on the screen. If you want to export account details in a PDF file, you can choose the "Export PDF" button on the right.

The exported PDF file is an IBAN Certificate which includes name of client, account number information, currency, type of account (current account), IBAN paper format, IBAN electronic format and the BIC code.

You can use these exported information of your corporation online account for transfering using SEPA or wire transfer with IBAN code.

12. Can I Send Money Between EU/EEA Countries Using SWIFT?

You absolutely can.

However, SEPA's fee for transactions made within the EU/EEA region is better than SWIFT's. It will also take less time for the transaction to go through than when using SWIFT.

You can find the SEPA transfer feature in the "FAST ACCESS" menu of Or you can select "Remittance" then select "Transfer to other bank via SEPA".

13. Which activities can be considered prohibited by DNBC?

Production or trade in any product or activity deemed illegal under host country's laws or regulations or international conventions and agreements, including, without limitation, host country's requirements related to environmental, health and safety, and labor aspects.

These prohibited goods would require a special license to operate and would need to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to find out if you are eligible to open an account with us. Here are some examples from the prohibited list.

- Production or trade in weapons and munitions.

- Human Body Parts and Pathogens.

- Production or activities involving harmful or exploitative forms of forced labor/harmful child labor.

Fore more details, you can click to the link below for reference.

14. What Are DSBC Financial Europe Fees For International Transfer?

Please access DSBC Financial Europe's Table Of Fees For Personal and Corporate Account for more information.

15. Which countries are defined as "non-cooperative" countries by DNBC?

DSBC Financial Europe holds the right to refuse to work with any customers whose nationality is in the “Non-cooperative jurisdictions” list under any circumstances. 

According to the European Commission, the purpose of a high risk third country list is to ensure safe and effective business activities.

Please read our Rejected List of Jurisdiction/ Nationality for the Remittance Services (with IBAN Account) at our DSBC Financial Europe UAB High risk list & Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions.

16. How Will My SWIFT Payment Be Carried Out?

DSBC Financial Europe has registered and connected with the SWIFT network and are currently working with several correspondent banks to support you in transferring funds abroad.

The transaction time and fees will be heavily influenced by the relationship between our correspondent banks and your beneficiary’s financial institution.

Normally, it would take 02-05 working days for the transfer of funds to be carried out.

In the near future, DSBC Financial Europe will be expanding our connection with correspondent banks around the world to support more currencies, lower transaction costs and reduce wait time.

Please note that in order to transfer funds, DSBC Financial Europe depends on our correspondent banks in some stages of transaction.

Should any delays occur, DSBC Financial Europe and our correspondent banks will work together to help you in transferring or receiving funds on time.

17. How Long Will It Take For My Fund To Arrive?

Normally, it would take 01-02 working days for SEPA transfer, and 02-05 working days for SWIFT.

You also have an option to transfer via SEPA Express, which can arrive on the same day your transaction is made, or on the following business day.

For more information about the services that we offer: Table Of Fees

18. How do I open a corporate business account with DSBC Financial Europe?

At DNBC, we support opening corporate business accounts online, you can find the “Open an Account” option on the top right of our website. This will bring you to the application form to open an account with DSBC Financial Europe, please spend a few minutes to carefully input all the information needed in the form. Once you have done so, our Relationship Manager will contact you to instruct and assist you through the process of opening your account to save your precious time. 

If you wonder what would be included in the process, it is quite simple, after you fill in the application form, you would need to provide us with the required documents, this will depend on your business field of operation and the country it is operating in. After 3 to 4 working days, you will have your account opened, however only after the first deposit of €3,000, you will receive the full benefits and features of our account. Please don’t worry, this money would be in your available balance and can be used for any outgoing transactions. 

See more: Ideal Business Financial Solution with Corporate Account Opening


19. Is there any extra fee that would be automatically deducted by DNBC from my corporate account balance during the time of usage?

There is no extra fee associated with your corporate account during the time of usage but you would need to have a minimum amount of €1,200 kept in your account for an ongoing basis for payment of maintenance fees in 1 year. This amount will cover all your services, including a technical hotline, merchant account support, dedicated relationship manager, payroll services and many more.

If you transfer money to another account within our DSBC Financial Europe network, there would be no extra fee occurred but if you want to wire transfer to a bank account outside the network, we will charge you according to the speed of your transfer. You can check the full fees in the link below.

However, we will never charge you for checking your account online, so please check your corporate account balance frequently and let us know if any suspicious fees occur because we will never charge you any hidden fees. This is also to prevent any fraudulent activities on your account. 

See more: DSBC Financial Europe Corporate Account Fees

20. Are my accounts with DSBC Financial Europe UAB guaranteed or insured?

No. Insurance or guarantee is not required for DSBC Financial Europe - a Payment Institution under Lithuania legislations.

See more at:

21. What insurance or guarantee do my accounts have when I apply for DSBC Financial Europe?

As DSBC Financial Europe is a member of the Central Bank of Lithuania, we comply with the Deposit Insurance requirement, which is applied for all Payment Institution (PI) and electronic Money Institution (eMI). Therefore, your funds in DSBC Financial Europe current accounts are protected by the Central Bank of Lithuania, and the deposits held in the bank are covered by the deposit insurance for account holders.

22. Does DSBC Financial Europe have EU Deposit Guarantee Schemes?

DSBC Financial Europe is a non-Credit Institution, we do not offer saving account service and lending products. This means the client's fund will be guaranteed by the Central Bank of Lithuania, in which DSBC Financial Europe is a member. It is non compulsory for DSBC Financial Europe to implement direct Deposit Guarantee Schemes for account holders according to the European Central Bank regulation.

23. Can I Transfer Money From Business Account To Personal Account

Can I transfer money from a business account to a personal account? The answer is yes, but you need to know these useful information before you make a transaction.

DSBC Financial Europe™ will divide into 2 different money transfer zones including :

  • DNBC internal transfer (customers have opened an account at DNBC).
  • Transfer money in Europe or Global

DNBC Internal Transfer:

Customers who already have accounts at DSBC Financial Europe™ (including Personal Account and Business Account), transferring money will be easy, fast, and convenient. Here are some benefits when you have business account, personal account in DNBC’s ecosystem

  • Free transaction
  • Received immediately after a transaction
  • Cross-border money transfer

Transfer Money in EU or Global:

Transferring money within Europe or transferring money around the world will have many required documents. In Europe, customers will need SEPA payment system, for other countries outside of Europe, SWIFT payment will be an optimal choice. Depending on the region and purpose, the payment process will not be as fast as DNBC internal transfer
With SEPA or SWIFT remittance payments, you will be subject to a number of mandatory requirements when transferring money.

  • Document Requirements (Below are just a few of the required documents, Transaction Department may require your company to submit more documents)
    • Invoice
    • Contract/ Agreement for products, services
    • Foreign trade documents
  • A transaction of your payment may take 2-5 days since a payment order was created. You need to clarify the purpose of payment, the country receiver is not in the prohibited country, etc.
  • Charging fees of transaction
24. Why should you open a business account?

If you are an entrepreneur or investor, you may consider opening a business account which is much easier, but also being required for any business operated as a separate legal entity from the owner.

To be clear, you can take a look at some reasons why you should open a business account:

1. Professionalism and Credibility

Being able to accept all types of payments makes you appear more professional in the eyes of your customers, whereas increasing your ability to make money from your business.

Additionally, having a business account and keeping elaborate records of business transactions will facilitate to indicate your business is legitimate.

2. Liability Protection

A business checking account can protect you from personal liability in case something goes wrong at your business or someone tries to use your business. Within technological data security barriers, customer information will not leak out when using DNBC corporate account .

3. Preparing you a good future

In the future, you will need a business checking account, if your business grows, and it will be much easier for you to manage your financial accounting, including future employee salary obligations, if you start with this separate account. Bookkeeping ahead of time can be a smart way to plan ahead for potential growth.

4. Easy opening process

The websites and apps for online banks are typically customers’ solely interactions with the business, in which the banks pay plenty of your time and cash optimizing the process. Once you pull up the app on your phone or the website on your computer, it ought to be seamless to register, create transfers, or otherwise handle your money.

Therefore, managing your funds effortlessly by simply logging in to your DNBCnet payment accounts via our payment platform or our apps is the best option for you and your business. OPEN ACCOUNT is here!

Please contact us if you have any difficulties during the account opening process via:

Email: [email protected]

Hotline: +370 5240 5555.

25. Can I Transfer Money From Business Account To Personal Account

Can I transfer money from a business account to a personal account? The answer is yes, but you need to know this useful information before you make a transaction.

DSBC Financial Europe will divide into 2 different money transfer zones including:

  • DNBC internal transfer (customers have opened accounts at DNBC).
  • SEPA Transfer (27 E.U countries, including U.K and Switzerland).
  • Transfer to other payment accounts of banks or countries outside SEPA via SWIFT.

DNBC Internal Transfer:

For customers who already have accounts at DSBC Financial Europe™ (including Personal Account and Business Account), transferring money will be easy, fast, and convenient. Here are some benefits when you have a business account, personal account at DNBC.

  • Free transaction (Customers will be free of charge when making payments in P2P, B2P, B2B)
  • Receive money with fast transfer.
  • Save time and reduce processes.

Cross-border money transfers

Cross-border money transfers will require various documents. In Europe, customers will need a SEPA payment system, for other countries outside of Europe, SWIFT payment will be an optimal choice. Depending on the region and purpose, the payment process will not be as fast as DNBC internal transfer.

With SEPA or SWIFT remittance payments, you will be subject to a number of mandatory requirements to clarify Payment Purposes when transferring such as Invoice, Contract/Agreement for products/services.

A transaction of your payment may take 2-5 days since a payment order was created. You need to clarify the purpose of payment, the country receiver is not in the prohibited country, and charging fees of the transaction, etc.

26. How Much Money Do I Need To Open A Business Account?

Registering to open a business account at DSBC Financial Europe is easy, convenient, and fast. Currently, to open DNBC business account, you need to follow these 4 steps:

  1. Initially supplied all corporate documentation, as well as passports and proof of address for all individuals engaged with the firm.
  2. The payment institution's KYC department reviewed all of the documents submitted.
  3. DNBC notifies the applicant that registering for a business account has been approved.
  4. The financial institution provides comprehensive account information, as well as information on incoming and outgoing remittances. Kindly note that at DNBC, we do not establish empty accounts for clients. Clients are instead asked to fund 3000 EUR into a firm temporary account as a first step. When DNBC receives the funds, we will provide an official Lithuania IBAN (International Bank Account Number) number as well as an Internet Payment Account.

Notes: There is no additional price linked with your business account while use, but you must have a minimum of €1,200 in your account on an ongoing basis to pay maintenance fees in one year.

See more:

DSBC Financial Europe Business Account Fees

27. How To Open A Small Business Account Online?

Follow the steps below to open a small business account online:

  • Step 1: Open a business account by clicking the "Open an account" button located at the top right of DNBC website.
  • Step 2: Choose ‘Corporate Account’ from the Account Type drop-down menu and then fill out all required fields.
  • Step 3: Submit your completed registration form online.

How long does it take to open a small business account online? After a 15-20 minute interview, a Relationship Manager will assist you open a small business checking account online. Your new Corporate Account will be activated by email once the process is complete. After creating your business account, please download DNBCnet Mobile App on your phone for more higher experience.

A business account for SMEs might include fast alerts, multicurrency accounts, separate corporate accounts and more. Besides, your business could effortlessly examine monthly e-statement of business cards. At DSBC Financial Europe, we offer the best business account to open. Small and medium-sized businesses may create an account with us without paying anything including Account opening fee, payment platform and mobile payment sign up fee .

If you need assistance with small business accounts online, please don't hesitate to contact us.

28. How to transfer money from Nigeria to overseas countries

According to data recorded by The World Bank, more than 22 billion USD was transacted through Nigeria in 2017. As a result, we may conclude that this is a country with significant economic development potential. Many Nigerians send and receive money from other countries. As a Nigerian, you may easily send money overseas in many different ways. Don't miss this article if you're seeking ways to transfer money from Nigeria to overseas countries, DNBC will bring you the most essential information.

How to transfer money from Nigeria?

Digital Payment institutions have become one of the most visited search engines since 1995. With technological advancements in providing optimal payment solutions, they have been supporting many businesses around the world with tailored solutions in global payments.

Whether you already run or plan to expand your business in Nigeria, having a reliable partner to help you handle transactions is crucial. The right facilities with in-depth knowledge of the area can help you achieve efficiency. Therefore, opening a business account as soon as possible is the top criterion. Measuring this process by understanding your financial systems, transaction fees, and possible responsibilities is essential to making the right decisions. Check out our 3 suggestions for creating a business account in Nigeria to avoid risk.

Western Union

Western Union Money Transfer continues to dominate the Nigerian industry, with hundreds of local business using the payment network. The online platform has a long history of engagement with key financial institutions in Nigeria, primarily commercial banks, and about 5000 business channels. If you want to send money overseas while in Nigeria, this is the place to use.

Money Gram

Money Gram is one of the most important worldwide payment networks, with a presence in over 200 countries and a network of over 300,000 outlets. The new CBN guideline for outbound money transfers permits Money Gram to collaborate with a number of Nigerian banks to facilitate the transfer of funds from Nigeria to other nations.

Digital Payment Company - A rising star DSBC Financial Europe from Canada

DSBC Financial Europe is a financial services company providing online money transfer and digital payment services present in more than 173 countries worldwide. Users can use the service for international payments . In Nigeria, if you're seeking ways to transfer money from Nigeria to overseas countries,why don’t you start using DNBC's services, you just need to sit at home and open an account online via the internet.

  • Step 1: Access and click “ Open an account”
  • Step 2: Select the type of account and submit the required documents.
  • Step 3: Waiting for feedback. Our staff will reach you to have a short remote interview for clarification purposes within (3 working days)
  • Step 4: Notification of success Account Opening will be sent to your email.
29. How To Choose The Best UK Business Accounts For Your Company?

When you want to open a business account online in the UK, it's important to examine if a financial service will be sufficient for your company's requirements or not.

Here are some things to ask yourself about which ones are the best business accounts in the UK:

  1. What are the fees and requirements?
  2. Is there a free trial offer available?
  3. What kinds of services and other possibilities are there?
  4. What are your own needs and preferences?
  5. What about financial safeguards and insurance?

What do you need to know about opening a business account online in the UK?

It is not required to live in the UK to open a UK business bank account, although it is recommended that you get UK residence before applying for one. You will need two documents to open a UK business bank account online: one to show your identification (often your passport, National Identity Card, or driver's license - if you are an EU citizen) and one to prove your address (includes a rental agreement/mortgage statement, a recent electricity/gas bill, a recent bank statement, or a current council tax bill). 

With DSBC Financial Europe, you can submit these documents via the Internet and do verification online.

What are the benefits of signing up for a free online business account in the United Kingdom at DSBC Financial Europe?

DSBC Financial Europe provides a free online business account in the United Kingdom. With 3-month free of charge, free transfer within DNBC network, and options for in-app integrations, we can be one of the best business accounts for consumers in the UK. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any technical assistance in the process of creating an online business account.  Open an online business account now!

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