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Working environment

Updated time: Mar 12, 2020, 06:56 (UTC+03:00)

At DNBC, we know how important the working environment is in the development of business. To encourage our employees to feel happy in the workplace, DNBC has built a wide range of modern equipment and high standard services to facilitate our teams, our staff enjoy their jobs and optimize productivity.


DNBC focuses on developing infrastructure, building a modern and friendly working environment.

DNBC takes priority in modernising devices, systems and equipment in order to bring the best condition for our teams, departments to reach their top performances.


  • DNBC respects innovation, activeness and creativity.
  • DNBC treasures every single idea, initiative.
  • DNBC always welcomes young and passionate people to join our big enthusiastic team.

Team spirit

Teamwork and collaboration are key elements to drive DNBC to become a strong organisation in the market. We encourage team members to maintain a teamwork spirit that helps all staff support each other.


Working space plays a significant role in the mood of employees.DNBC creates the most comfortable and convenient spaces. By these huge investments, our staff can pay more passion and energy for their job as well as stand on the peak of their career.

Joining DNBC, the candidates will have opportunities to:

  • Work in an environment where the culture is built on the unified platform to promote solidarity, and friendliness.
  • Receive the income that is equivalent to the contribution.
  • Be yourself, and be active at work.
  • Each individual has duties and responsibilities in decision making, proactively resolving all issues in related jurisdiction.
  • Promotion in career path.

What is the recruitment process?

Recruiting talent in today’s competitive job market is time-consuming and takes more effort for the company. The process includes receiving and selecting a resume, interview, and notification of the result.

Remuneration policy

Working at DNBC Financial Group, employees enjoy a great deal of fair policies and benefits in terms of tangible and intangible values. We recruit the right people to the right jobs. Salary and commission as well as bonus will be paid fairly according to performance and contributions.

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