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International Account - FAQs

1. What Is SWIFT?

SWIFT - Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

Transaction orders are transmitted between members of this network.

Each member is identified with a unique SWIFT/ BIC code.

To this day, SWIFT is the biggest and most efficient tool for international money transfer, with over 11.000 member institutions in over 200 countries, sending over 5 billions financial messages globally every year.

2. How can I open an international company account

An international company account can only be opened by the CEO of a company or owner(s) who has completed the identification procedure.

If you are not the head of the company, but an authorized person, you also need to complete the identification procedure. Afterwards, you'll be required to submit a power of attorney or permission with e-signature by the company head to complete the steps to open an international company account.

To open an international company account, you can visit and click the “Open an account” button on the top right menu. After that, a new landing will appear, in the select box for choosing the type of DNBC Financial Canada Account, please choose the “corporate account option”. Then you need to fulfill mandatory information and submit. You will receive a confirmation email from DNBC Financial Group and our Relationship Manager will get in touch with you for documents and onboarding advisory.

We also offer international current accounts for personal usage. If you are an expat and want to open a current account for your business transactions or international payments as well as local expenditures, you can apply for a personal current account. Personal current account is also an international account that facilitates you to live your life with ease, transfer money with low cost internationally or domestically.

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3. What is an international current account (overseas account, international company account)?

An account held by a foreign bank is often referred to as an international account. You can either reside in London or New York or almost anywhere and still open an international current account in the capital of Singapore. There are no physical boundaries to possess an international company account. Or global companies whose ownership or business activities lie outside of Canada like some international nationalities/jurisdictions: Hong Kong, Singapore, British Virgin Islands, Cayman, Belize, Seychelles, etc can open overseas company accounts in Canada.

Moreover, It is remarkably easy to contact service providers and make an online registration for an international current account as long as your institution satisfies the eligible criterias.

Opening and owning an international company account is extremely beneficial for enterprises that do business globally because of the financial advantages and the manoeuvrability it brings.

For example, a large number of costs and fees will be less charged for money remittances by using an overseas current account which no traditional banks can offer. Also, having an international business account helps corporations avoid political risks and put their assets under protection.

In conclusion, an international corporate account gives enterprises a better, simpler way to make transactions without worrying about hidden fees. Everything of DNBC overseas account offers is completely transparent.

4. What Does SWIFT Code Represent?

SWIFT works by assigning each member institution a unique ID code that identifies the bank name, country, city, and branch.

For example, a member of DNBC Financial Group in Europe - DNBC Financial Europe code is: DSFE LT 21 XXX

  • The first 4 characters represent our institution (DSFE - DNBC Financial Group).
  • The 2 following characters represent the country that the member has been based in (LT - Lithuania).
  • The other 2 following characters might be used to represent the location/city or a combination of numbers based on the organization's liking.
  • There might be an additional 3 characters of the institution’s branches.
5. Can I open an international current account from another country?

Absolutely. DNBC Financial Group welcomes and accepts online applications for opening an international current account anywhere in the world with the assistance of our dedicated consultant team and experts.

Just by a few minutes to register your information online on our public website, you can own your international business account without any paperwork.

DNBC offers international business accounts for clients worldwide. If you are an entity operating your business inside or outside Canada, we also support you opening an account, because every step for onboarding is performed online from registering to documents submission and remote interview.

Moreover, if you are clients whose nationalities/jurisdictions are international countries like HongKong, Singapore, British Virgin Islands, Cayman, Belize, Seychelles…, you can apply for DNBC oversea accounts without any issues.

If your businesses are incorporated in the US, India, China, the Middle East..., and you need an international current account for transactions with CAD, USD, or EUR, DNBC Financial Group is the best option for you with an online opening account and fast onboarding process that help you manage cost and time effectively.

Please note that every nationality/jurisdiction will have different requirements, we flexibly support our customers case by case.

For more information, you can contact us by visiting the contact us page or chat box at the bottom right corner on DNBC public website. If you need to speak directly, you can call our hotline +1 (949) 508 0235 or call WhatsApp/Viber at +1 (949) 508 0235.

6. What Are The Differences Between SWIFT And Non-SWIFT?


Difference between Non-SWIFT and SWIFT:


Network States of Canada. 170 countries and territories.
Currency CAD. Multiple currencies.
Transaction time 01-02 business days. 02-05 business days.
Or more depending on the relationship between the two financial institutions
Transaction limit

10,000 CAD/day for a personal account.

50,000 CAD/day for a corporate account.

This is the default limit when establishing your account.
The limit can be increased up to 200,000 CAD for personal account and 500,000 CAD for corporate account..
Contact +1 (949) 508 0235 for transaction limit update.
Transfer fees Cheaper for transfer within States of Canada. Depends on the fees of the correspondent banks involved.
7. What are the differences between Corporate Accounts and international accounts?

The main differences lie in the location that a legal entity incorporates. Corporate accounts are applied for companies that are operating businesses in Canadian regions, while international Accounts are opened for entities that run business activities outside of Canada. For example, if your enterprise is licensed to operate in regions within the Canadian territories. Then, the most suitable current account for your institution should be a corporate account.

On the other hand, financial institutions like DNBC Financial Canada Limited also provide money remittance service and international company account opening service for establishments doing business outside of the Canadian areas. There are little to no limits for enterprises operating anywhere in the world legally when owning an international account.

However, there are some of the constraints on opening international accounts in specific regions due to the European commission's charter. Find out more about regional terms and conditions.

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8. Can I Send And Receive Transfer In Other Currencies?

At this time, with SWIFT transfer, you can send money from your CAD account to other accounts in any other currencies.

However, when you receive payments in other currencies, the fund will be automatically converted to CAD in your DNBC Financial Group current account.

9. Are There Any Place Limited From Receiving Or Transferring Fund Using DNBC SWIFT Transfer?

With SWIFT transfer services recently implemented, DNBC Financial Canada Limited has partnered with several correspondent banks to provide our customers with the best possible fee and the least amount of wait time for international transactions.

At the moment, DNBC Financial Group can support transfer and receive from 170 countries and territories around the world including the UK, the EU, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Finland, the UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, HongKong, India, Norway, Germany, Sweden, France, Canada, Australia and many more.

However, we also have a list of 25 prohibited countries regarding SWIFT transfer.

10. What activities can be defined as prohibited?

Production or trade in any product or activity deemed illegal under host country's laws or regulations or international conventions and agreements, including, without limitation, host country's requirements related to environmental, health and safety, and labor aspects.

These prohibited goods would require a special license to operate and would need to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to find out if you are eligible to open an account with us. Here are some examples from the prohibited list.

- Production or trade in weapons and munitions.

- Human Body Parts and Pathogens.

- Production or activities involving harmful or exploitative forms of forced labor/harmful child labor.

Fore more details, you can click to the link below for reference.

11. What Are DNBC Financial Group Fees For International Transfer?

DNBC Financial Group supports both SWIFT and Non-SWIFT transfers to 170 countries and territories around the world so our customers can enjoy a variety of transfer options with the best fee and the least amount of wait time.

You can access DNBC Financial Group Fees for international transfer right here . This table has already included the international transfer fees for both personal and corporate accounts.

Currently, we have indirect relationships to perform any international SWIFT transfer and are incorporated with main cash correspondent/intermediary banks that support our clients in making international money transfers/receive via SWIFT Transfer.

12. How do I open an international company account with DNBC Financial Group?

To open an international company account, you or your company can visit . On the top right corner, click the “Open an Account” button and choose the “Corporate account” option. Then you need to fill in all the mandatory information. Our Relationship Manager will contact you soon to instruct as well as assist you in the onboarding process.

Opening a new international company account takes you from 3 to 4 business days. As long as your required documents are ready to submit, the process will be as fast as you expect. One crucial step of opening a new international company account is first funding. Your international company account will be ready to make transactions and instruct payments internationally right after your first fund is credited to your account successfully.

The first funding is required and the minimum amount is (or C$) $3,000. You can fund more than the minimum number to your account.

Firstly, our Relationship Manager will send you a funding guideline which is step by step to instruct a fund transfer to your account. When your money is credited to account successfully, the onboarding process will be completed. Next step, the assessment team will review your application and approve to open your new account. Later on, you can activate your account and make payments easily.

Internet banking guideline is available on (your login internet banking site) for your reference. If you cannot find the guideline, you can ask your Relationship Manager to provide this file.

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13. How Will My SWIFT Payment Be Carried Out?

Currently, DNBC has indirect relationships to perform any international SWIFT transfer and incorporated with several correspondent/intermediary banks that support our clients in making international money transfers/receive via SWIFT Transfer

The transaction time and fees will be heavily influenced by the relationship between our correspondent banks and your beneficiary’s financial institution.

Normally, it would take 02-05 working days for the transfer of funds to be carried out.

In the near future, DNBC Financial Group will be expanding our connection with correspondent banks around the world to support more currencies, lower transaction costs and reduce wait time.

Please note that in order to transfer funds, DNBC Financial Group depends on our correspondent banks in some stages of transaction.

Should any delays occur, DNBC Financial Group and our correspondent banks will work together to help you in transferring or receiving funds on time.

14. What are the benefits of an international company account, international business account?

Opening an international company account/ international company account can bring you a wide range of benefits and opportunities. Clients will own an international payment account which can transfer your fund around the world, or receive payment in seconds. An international company account has a transfer limit of up to (or C$) $50,000 a day. In short, the 6 key advantages of having an international company account are:

1. Borderless account opening

Customers all over the world can open overseas accounts in Canada for business transactions.

2. Manage comprehensively

Flexible method to manage capital flows and corporate confidentiality.

Best customised services for your international company account.

3. Avoid political risks

Your funds are safe from any political risks.

Storing your money in an international business account is a lot more secure compared to leaving it to a bank in politically unstable areas.

4. Best foreign exchange rates

You can enjoy the comparative foreign exchange rates along with effective tax rates in terms of money remittances, deposits and investment transactions. All that savings in an international account.

5. Low transfer cost

Instantly send funds with a reasonable cost. No fees will be charged if transferring between DNBC international current accounts.

6. Premium service

Enjoy the highest standard of service.

Enable easy and affordable access to funds.

Introduce clients to overseas payments for investment opportunities in the future.

15. How Long Will It Take For My Fund To Arrive?

Normally, it would take 01-02 working days for Non-SWIFT transfer, and 02-05 working days for SWIFT.

You also have an option to transfer via Non-SWIFT Express, which can arrive on the same day your transaction is made, or on the following business day.

For more information about the services that we offer: Table Of Fees

16. May I have more information about DNBC Financial Group in terms of the company's profile, license, etc.?

DNBC Financial Group is a multi-licensed company that was first licensed with the Central Bank in Lithuania in 2017. Headquarter of DNBC Financial Group is located in Singapore. A member of DNBC Financial Group in Europe - DNBC Financial Group UAB also approved by all EU countries to provide services in over 31 nations across Europe.

DNBC Financial Group was approved by FINTRAC - Money services business (MSB) in 2021. As a member of DNBC Financial Group, DNBC Financial Canada Limited primarily provides personal current account, corporate current account and international company account services. Our extra services are foreign exchange dealing money, transferring services, ect. DNBC has a fully legitimate certificate and strong facilities and resources to ensure our clients experience excellent payment services and perfect financial solutions. DNBC Financial Group’s services not only run across Canada but also around the globe. In addition, clients who have businesses outside Canada can open international company accounts with us for payments or capital transfer in CAD or USD currency. We offer low transfer cost as well as fast wire remittance.

To learn more about DNBC Financial Group, you can visit this link for more license information.

17. How does our International account services work?

A single transaction between two companies using a traditional method like the bank's money remittance service may take several days to process before the money is officially transferred. Furthermore, traditional remittance service providers like banks employ a great deal of anthropological labour and use lots of other resources like paper and ink. This may result in a significant increase in costs and fees that the bank will charge its customers.

DNBC Financial Group is, on the contrary, a technology-oriented financial institution whose international account services have opposite characteristics with banks. We will charge you an extremely little number of fees per transaction.

Unlike accounts used within a limited region, international company accounts allow institutions to exchange their funds between different currencies. This is considered a remarkably useful feature for an international company, particularly when the domestic currency is unstable or is expected to depreciate.

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18. Is there any extra fee associated with my international checking account during the time of usage?

There is no extra fee associated with your international checking account during the time of usage, only an amount of (or C$) $1,200 is kept to secure the monthly fee of Account Maintenance in 1 year and this required amount is not fee or charge.

With DNBC international business accounts, you are only charged according to the tariff in section “Account Fees” and there is no hidden fee at all. Should you still have any queries in terms of fees and charges, you can contact us by calling the DNBC hotline at +1 (949) 508 0235 or WhatsApp/Viber +1 (949) 508 0235 or private contact of your Relationship Manager for knowledge clarification.

DNBC Financial Group is committed to maintaining a transparent financial environment for our clients. This is the key element for us to build sustainable business bonds with customers as well as our business partners. All fees and charges are available on the public website To learn more about that, you can visit the link below.

Please note that fees and charges are subjected to change from time to time. DNBC Financial Group will update new tariffs to clients via email, news on website, notifications in internet banking or mobile app. We advise you to keep abreast of new information on our announcements.

19. Which countries are defined as “Non-cooperative” third countries?

DNBC Financial Group holds the right to refuse to work with any customers whose nationality is in the "Non-cooperative jurisdictions" list under any circumstances.

Following legal compliance, the purpose of a high risk third country list is to ensure safe and effective business activities.

Please read our Rejected List of Jurisdiction/ Nationality for the Remittance Services (with IBAN Account) at our DNBC Financial Canada Limited High risk list & Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions.

Readmore : "DNBC Financial Group" UAB highrisk list& non-cooperative jurisdictions

20. Where can I find the details of my international company account?

To view more details of your international business account, you should log into your online banking account. In the main dashboard, you can click the “view details” button on the right of the international business account.

Or you can choose the “Account list” tab on the “Fast access” menu, then select your international business account and view details. If you want to export account details in a PDF file, you can choose the “Export PDF” button on the right.

The Export PDF file is an IBAN Certificate which includes name of client, account number information, currency, type of account (current account), IBAN paper format, IBAN electronic format and the BIC code.

From your internet banking account, you can view today’s balance and your available balance as well as your client number at DNBC Financial Canada Limited.

With IBAN, you can transfer seamlessly in Canada with Non-SWIFT Instant Credit Transfer. Non-SWIFT Instant Credit Transfer is the new era in payments with real time transactions.

21. What insurance or guarantee do my accounts have when I apply for accounts at DNBC Financial Group?

DNBC Financial Group is monitored by the Government of Canada. Therefore, DNBC complies with the Deposit Insurance requirement, which is applied for all FINTRAC - Money services business (MSB). Therefore, your funds in DNBC current accounts are protected by the Government of Canada, and the deposits held in the bank are covered by the deposit insurance for account holders.

22. Are my accounts with DNBC Financial Group guaranteed or insured?

No. Insurance or guarantee is not required for DNBC Financial Group - a Money Services Business under legislation of Canada.

23. Does DNBC Financial Group have a Deposit Guarantee Schemes?

DNBC Financial Group is a non-Credit Institution, we do not offer saving account service and lending products. This means the client's fund will be guaranteed by FINTRAC - Money services business (MSB) and the Government of Canada, in which DNBC Financial Group is a member. It is non compulsory for DNBC Financial Group to implement direct Deposit Guarantee Schemes for account holders according to the Canadian regulations.

24. How To Choose The Best UK Business Accounts For Your Company?

When you want to open a business account online in the UK, it's important to examine if a financial service will be sufficient for your company's requirements or not.

Here are some things to ask yourself about which ones are the best business accounts in the UK:

  1. What are the fees and requirements?
  2. Is there a free trial offer available?
  3. What kinds of services and other possibilities are there?
  4. What are your own needs and preferences?
  5. What about financial safeguards and insurance?

What do you need to know about opening a business account online in the UK?

It is not required to live in the UK to open a UK business bank account, although it is recommended that you get UK residence before applying for one. You will need two documents to open a UK business bank account online: one to show your identification (often your passport, National Identity Card, or driver's license - if you are an EU citizen) and one to prove your address (includes a rental agreement/mortgage statement, a recent electricity/gas bill, a recent bank statement, or a current council tax bill). 

With DNBC Financial Group, you can submit these documents via the Internet and do verification online.

What are the benefits of signing up for a free online business account in the United Kingdom at DNBC Financial Group?

DNBC Financial Group provides a free online business account in the United Kingdom. With 3-month free of charge, free transfer within DNBC network, and options for in-app integrations, we can be one of the best business accounts for consumers in the UK. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any technical assistance in the process of creating an online business account.  Open an online business account now!

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