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If by special currency exchange rate, you mean more favourable exchange rates, then yes, you will get a better rate the higher the amount you want to exchange. With a big amount to convert, please contact our Relationship Manager for a specific rate and benefits related to the exchange. If you do not want to perform this exchange one time but frequently, please indicate the currency of exchange and your planned monthly turnover in your letter. This can be seen as a foreign currency online order and we will contact you to discuss more favorable conditions of currency exchange. After the exchange, you can keep the new currency money in your multi-currency account for future use or finish a transaction right away, there is no limit for it afterward. 

If by special currency exchange rate, you mean special currency which is not frequently exchanged around the world, then the answer would not be as clear as the previous case. The quickest way to find out is to call our hotline or contact our Relationship Manager. DNBC supports a lot of different currencies but we cannot say we support all of them, so please bear with us if we cannot fulfill your request.

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