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Registering to open a business account at DNBC Financial Group is easy, convenient, and fast. Currently, to open DNBC business account, you need to follow these 4 steps:

  1. Initially supplied all business documentation, as well as passports and proof of address for all individuals engaged with the firm.
  2. The payment institution's KYC department reviewed all of the documents submitted.
  3. DNBC notifies the applicant that registering for a business account has been approved.
  4. The financial institution provides comprehensive account information, as well as information on incoming and outgoing remittances. Kindly note that at DNBC, we do not establish empty accounts for clients. Clients are instead asked to fund 3000 EUR into a firm temporary account as a first step. When DNBC receives the funds, we will provide an Account Number as well as an Internet Payment Account.

Notes: There is no additional price linked with your business account while use, but you must have a minimum of €1,200 in your account on an ongoing basis to pay maintenance fees in one year.

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