Apart from the current account services, DSBC Financial Europe (DSBC) is also a merchant account provider all over the world. When you apply for DSBC’s merchant accounts, you will benefit from the tremendous advantages that we offer.

1 .The ability to accept payment cards and receive money in real-time

Nowadays, the online shopping trend is increasing dramatically around the globe. When you open a DSBC Financial Europe merchant account, not only do you utilize the features like a bank account, but also enhance your service quality and risk management.

It is obvious that your merchant account is a necessity in customer service that facilitates customers to pay conveniently online by physical or virtual cards, and this improves your revenue.

Besides, we offer an international merchant account for you. Therefore, your account will get paid instantly in different currencies when it comes to global e-commerce.

2. Increasing security

We apply the highest standards of security for merchants with PCI-DSS compliance, Tokenization & 3D- Secure Transaction features for every single transaction to prevent fraud and ensure confidentiality. Your client’s datas will be protected and they will trust your brand with the highly secure online merchant account.

3. Lowest merchant account fees

DSBC Financial Europe is proud of our best-in-class EU merchant account services that support your businesses to grow sustainably with low operating costs. We also offer free online merchant account opening, which may be an ideal choice for your online businesses.

4. Smart cash management

SBC Financial Europe will help you manage your capital in an organized way with detailed monthly statements of all transactions that have been made. Thanks to the international merchant account, you can track payment reports in currencies and payment methods and more through an online interface where you can log in any time, anywhere with an internet connection.

By reviewing the customer's payment history, you can easily deal with finance management, cash flow and profits.

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