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Restricted Business Activities

Last modified: Aug 18, 2022, 07:21 (UTC+03:00)


The following business categories of businesses are restricted from using the DNBC accounts, services, and transactions. “Restricted Businesses” may be demanded obligation through the DNBC Financial Group partner network (including Financial Services Providers, Bank Partners, Local Authority of Lithuania). In particular, clients or partners are classified into different business lines. Depending on the case, DNBC Financial Group will consider making transactions and providing services through the DNBC system by the terms and conditions set forth by DNBC Financial Group.

Businesses listed below are eligible for getting started with the onboarding process before the approval from DNBC Financial Group. Clients, as well as partners that make illegal businesses, products, and services, are never appropriate to use the DNBC Services. Businesses listed below in the right column are representative, but not exhaustive. If you are not sure whether your business belongs to our Restricted Business, or have any question about how these requirements are before application, please contact us.

Clients confirm that DNBC Financial Group may not approve of using the DNBC Services if their businesses have connections with the following Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions. Unless the client has received approval from DNBC Financial Group, it is prohibited to use the Services.

Businesses with multi-layered structures or complex ownership.

Businesses related to Trust, Foundation, multiple jurisdictions, legal personal, legal personal, or multiple parties. Multiple ownership layers with different types of corporate entities in different jurisdictions, including trusts or private foundations, as well as different terminology. In some cases, the local company’s registration where the incorporated company has limited disclosure and recordkeeping requirements, or the local director delegates to the Beneficial Owner via Power of Attorney or Declare of Trust. Intricate layers make it a struggle for us to verify the Beneficial Owner.

Financial, Professional Services, and Investment Fund

Investment & Credit services Securities brokers; mortgage consulting or debt reduction services; credit counseling or repair; investment services; real estate opportunities; lending instruments; any kind of Fund (Equity fund, Bond funds, Money market funds, Retirement Funds, Retirement Funds, Guaranteed funds, Guaranteed funds...).
Money and Legal Services Financial institutions, money transmitters, and money services businesses, check cashing, international wire transfer, money orders; currency exchanges or dealers; bill-pay services; crowdfunding; insurance; bail bonds; collections agencies; law firms collecting funds for any purpose other than to pay fees owed to the firm for services provided by the firm (e.g., firms cannot use DNBC account to hold client funds, collection or settlement amounts, disputed funds, etc.).
Virtual currency or stored value Virtual currency that can be monetized, resold, or converted to physical or digital products and services or otherwise exit the virtual world (e.g., Bitcoin); cryptocurrency mining equipment; initial coin offerings; digital wallets, sale of stored value or credits maintained, accepted and issued by anyone other than the seller.
Intellectual property or proprietary rights infringement Sales, distribution, or access to counterfeit music, movies, software, or other licensed materials without the appropriate authorization from the rights holder; any product or service that directly infringes or facilitates infringement upon the trademark, patent, copyright, trade secrets, or proprietary or privacy rights of any third party; any action that implies an untrue endorsement by or affiliation with DNBC.
Note: DNBC Financial Group may accept indirect businesses related to this group. For example, businesses of advertising, or developing apps/mobile apps for Gambling.
Lotteries; bidding fee auctions; sports forecasting or odds making for a monetary or material prize; fantasy sports leagues with cash prizes; internet gaming; contests; sweepstakes; games of chance including legal or illegal forms of gambling, internet gambling, sweepstakes and contests with buy-in or cash prize; charity sweepstakes and raffles for the explicit purpose of fundraising.

Potential Unfair, Seductive, or Deceptive Practices

Get rich quick schemes Investment opportunities or other services that promise high rewards.
Mugshot publication or pay-to-remove sites Platforms that facilitate the publication and removal of content (such as mug shots), where the primary purpose of posting such content is to cause or raise concerns of reputational harm.
No-value-added services Sale or resale of a service without added benefit to the buyer; resale of government offerings without authorization or added value; sites that we determine in our sole discretion to be unfair, deceptive, or predatory towards consumers.

Products or Services that are otherwise restricted by DNBC Financial Partner Network, or Local Authority.

Aggregation Engaging in any form of licensed or unlicensed aggregation of funds owed to third parties, factoring, or other activities intended to obfuscate the origin of funds; payment facilitation.
High-risk businesses Bankruptcy lawyers; remote technical support; psychic services; essay mills; chain letters; door-to-door sales; medical benefit packages; telemedicine and telehealth services; travel reservation services and clubs; airlines; cruises; timeshares; circumvention, jamming and interference devices; prepaid phone cards, phone services; telemarketing, offering substantial rebates or special incentives as an inducement to purchase products or services; telecommunications manipulation equipment; forwarding brokers; negative response marketing; subscriptions over one year; extended warranties; government grants; embassy, foreign consulate, or other foreign governments; charities without proper registration; credit card and identity theft protection; the use of credit to pay for lending services;any businesses that we believe poses elevated financial risk, legal liability, or violates card network or bank policies; any business or organization that a. engages in, encourages, promotes or celebrates unlawful violence or physical harm to persons or property, or b. engages in, encourages, promotes, or celebrates unlawful violence toward any group based on race, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or any other immutable characteristic.
Multi-level marketing Pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing.
Social media activity Sale of Twitter followers, Facebook likes, YouTube views, and other forms of social media activity and online traffic.
Video game or virtual world credits Sale of in-game currency or game items, unless the merchant is the operator of the virtual world.

The above list is not comprehensive and may be subject to regular changes. If you have questions, please contact us or chat with our assistant on the website.

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