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What is People's United Bank routing number?

Last modified: Feb 23, 2023, 07:52 (UTC+03:00)

When reordering checks, paying consumer bills, setting up direct deposit (such as a paycheck), or filing taxes in the United States, you may require a People's United bank routing number. Follow us to learn more about these numbers and related codes that can assist you in managing money efficiently on US transactions.

What is People's United Bank routing number?

What is People's United Bank routing number?

What is people's united bank routing number and its related?

People's united bank routing number is used to identify banks and other financial organizations in the United States. They have nine digits and are also known as routing transit numbers, ABA routing numbers (with regard to the American Banks Association), or RTNs.

Routing numbers are required by Federal Reserve Banks in order to perform Fedwire funds transfers. The ACH network also requires them to process electronic funds transfers, such as direct deposits and bill payments.

People's United bank routing number can be found for ACH payments or wire transfers

Types of people's United bank routing number

For wire transfers

For domestic and international wire transfers, people's United bank routing number is 211871772. However, domestic and international wire transfer routing numbers might be different from those on your checks. You can quickly obtain this online or by contacting your bank. You only need the wire routing number for a domestic wire transfer. A Swift code is also required if you send an international wire transfer .

For ACH transfers

The ACH routing number must be supplied when sending an ACH transfer to any Peoples’ United Bank account. You must use the ACH routing number 211871772 to send a domestic ACH transfer.

The usage of People's United bank routing number

When submitting an ACH transfer to any Peoples United Bank account, you must include the ACH routing number.

United Banks and credit unions use routing numbers for a variety of financial operations. You may require one if you intend to conduct any transition below::

  • Set up a direct deposit or automatic bill payment from your Peoples Bank account.
  • Allow payments (such as a pension or your salary) to be placed into your account.
  • Send a check
  • Make a wire transfer or an ACH payment to a person in the United States.

Where can I obtain my People's United bank routing number online?

We've included the People's United bank routing number for checking accounts and wire transfers on this page.

Here are a few websites where you can look up your routing number:

  • Peoples Bank online banking - You can obtain your routing number by logging into online banking.
  • Check or statement - A check or bank statement issued by Peoples Bank.
  • Fedwire - You may search for your routing number on the Federal Reserve's official website.
  • Your People's United bank routing number ensures that your payment reaches its intended recipient safely.

When you start your payment or pay a check, the routing number is always displayed first, then the account number. Because a routing number is how People United Banks identifies itself, it can be used to locate your account when combined with your banking account number.

What's the difference between routing numbers, SWIFT codes, and IBANs, SEPA?

The Banking system sometimes adores confusing financial jargon. However, the confusion and complexity of financial transactions help create a secure system and offer users more security services and international trade. To send or receive a wire transfer, you'll need a few things, like a way to confirm the transaction, whether you're in the United States or abroad.

In the US, people's United bank routing number assists banks in identifying themselves when processing domestic ACH payments or wire transfers. However, You may not need one in other countries.

Individual bank accounts are identified by IBANs (international bank account numbers). IBANs could be personal accounts or specific offers for businesses. Many European banks issue these, and banks worldwide are also beginning to accept them.

SWIFT codes, like routing numbers, help banks and financial organizations be identified. This is the code for foreign transactions. The SWIFT network of 11,000 member financial institutions allows it to communicate with people in 170 countries and territories. At DNBC Financial Group, we also offer one. With your IBAN account, you can send money all over the world in numerous currencies. SEPA also offers fast transfer and funding services at low cost from 30 EU/EEA Member States and its six non-EEA countries.

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