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A genuine introduction to cash management

Updated time: Jul 06, 2020, 10:09 (UTC+03:00)

The act of cash management has been happening around us a long time ago. The world is ever changing and so do how people are adjusting to fit in. The old cash management system has shown its weakness - pollution, waste of paper and resources. Similar to how the Internet has replaced the way we communicate, is there an alternative for us to pay and earn? What would it be if there was a better, easier way for you to manage your finance without spending so much time and resources?

Cash management system - your new powerful all in one assistant

Back in the day, when people used to manage their entire funds and assets within a written notebook, trading and investing was manually documented with paper. Banks were the only choice for companies and business entities to manage their property and scrutinize the financial statements. Thus, the world before the Internet and online payment platform was not as dynamic and fast-paced as it is today.

However, we have witnessed how the Internet changed the way people do everything along with new ideas of payment methods. Online money remittance has been relevant to most individuals and business firms around the globe. Developed along with the current account is the cash management system, an important feature that plays a similar role to banks but is much more seamless and hassle-free. Either individuals or corporations can now manage their cash flow in an utterly convenient and handy approach. With the transactions using SEPA countries list (Single Euro Payments Area) - a fast and secure payment-integration initiative, you can manage to receive funds swiftly. Plus, cash management accounts charge fewer fees and guarantee transparency during every transaction to help you maintain a good heads up for incoming payments.

Who should consider opening cash management accounts?

There are some crucial prerequisites to determine whether cash management accounts would satisfy your needs. Firstly, a person who works and receives payments internationally in many currencies with a flexible transaction routine is advised to register for a cash management account. With the features that cash management accounts have, for example, fast money remittance service and favourable currency exchange rates, a person who wishes to maintain a healthy balance ought to scrutinize the option for the benefits it offers. Furthermore, a low and reasonable fee charged every transaction is always guaranteed.

Cash management accounts - E-statement delivered in your smartphone

Not only individuals are the only ones who need to manage their cash flow, but also enterprises require such clear-cut financial statements for their business. A corporate cash management account is an essential solution for business entities, especially for international corporations whose transaction's volume is high. When it comes to cash management for companies, a transparent financial statement is the most concerned objective, for it will portray the company's current business status.

Why registering for cash management accounts? What corporate cash management account is best for your institution?

In modern times, where the world significantly changes how things work, multinational firms gradually shift their production line to other countries, build offices but still headquartered in the mainland. Due to the geographical distance, building an efficient cash management system is seemingly one of the most important intentions of business maintenance.

Cash management system - Manage Your Cash Flow Comprehensively

DNBC Financial Group is happy to bring its customers a closer look at what an enterprise can take advantage of having a cash management system:

  • Fast money remittance service: Transfer money almost immediately.
  • Reasonable fee: Completely free internal transfer cost between DNBC Financial Group accounts.
  • Mass payment: With the DNBC Financial Group corporate cash management system, transferring your funds into your employees' payroll account is utterly simple. Anything can happen within one touch.

Combining these traits with our free of charge policy for transactions between DNBC Financial Group internal accounts, your institution can now make the most out of our service and manage your finance thoroughly.

Take the lead today with DNBC Financial Group cash management accounts!

Enjoy the flexibility as well as the cheap fee in every transaction with DNBC Financial Group cash management accounts. Moreover, there are further features included than just cash management. Tell me more about cash management accounts, or get to know more about DNBC Financial Group . If you have any inquiries, have a chat with our customer service representatives.

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