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Checkout Payment

Checkout payment will take a customer off from your site’s checkout page. Once a user clicks on the “Pay Now” button at your website, the user will be redirected to the payment service provider (PSP) page. Here the user needs to fill in his/her payment details. Once the customer makes the payment, he or she will be redirected back to your website to finish the checkout process. Refund and Cancellation of Payment need to be handled at DSBC Financial Europe (DSBC)’s site.

Account Management

Every DSBC Financial Europe Merchant Account customer is supported by an Account Manager dedicated to your needs. Your Account Manager is skilled not only on issues related to your account, but in how to optimize your payment flow and maximize conversions, so take advantage!

Custom Payment Page

Customize your checkout page

Our Editor Tool shows a preview of your changes as you make them. Once you are finished, save the theme, then set it live!

  • Create a name for your theme.
  • Choose colors for the background and a master theme color.
  • Select images for the background or add your logo to the header.
  • Add links from your website such as your return policy.
  • Add your company info and address to the checkout page.

Mobile and Tablet payment page

Mobile and Tablet payment page - DSBC Financial Europe Merchant Services

Mobile and Tablet Payments. DSBC Financial Europe’s mobile and tablet checkouts are optimized to meet the needs of the modern online buyer.

This clear, quick process is just a simple step in the shopping process, ensuring every shopper completes their purchase without interruption or error. Our smart technology detects whether your customers are on a PC, mobile or tablet, and automatically displays an optimized design interface for that device.

Risk Management

DSBC Financial Europe employs a powerful two-tier system of protection that automatically checks for fraud while a dedicated risk management team monitors all your transactions in real time. DSBC Financial Europe performs rigorous fraud checks on each and every transaction.

Real-time Risk management

Our payment services go above and beyond to protect you and your customers from fraudulent activity. We provide security that saves you from worrying about fraud and theft so you can focus on your business.

3D Secure Transaction


  • Protect cardholder against unauthorized use
  • Add layer of fraud protection
  • Shift fraud liability from your business with chargeback protection on qualifying transactions
  • Increase customer confidence when shopping online
  • Reside on secure, reliable and resilient DPG
  • Consolidate MasterCard Payment Gateway Services customer support
  • Be able to negotiate lower rates for 3-D secure transactions with your acquiring bank


PCI Compliance currently has six objectives:

  • to build and maintain a secure network
  • to protect cardholder data
  • to maintain a vulnerability management program
  • to implement strong access control measures
  • to regularly monitor and test networks
  • and to maintain an information security policy.

These objectives are maintained through a set of strict regulations vendors and Payment Service Providers must follow to collect and transfer Credit Card information.


Benefits for vendors:

  • Reduces PCI DSS scope
  • Renders payment card data making it meaningless to hackers
  • Coordinates chargebacks and payments without handling payment data
  • Compatible with your current systems and processor/acquirer


1. What are the benefits and possibilities of DSBC Financial Europe merchant accounts?

Apart from the current account services, DSBC Financial Europe (DSBC) is also a merchant account provider all over the world. When you apply for DSBC’s merchant accounts, you will benefit from the tremendous advantages that we offer.

1 .The ability to accept payment cards and receive money in real-time

Nowadays, the online shopping trend is increasing dramatically around the globe. When you open a DSBC Financial Europe merchant account, not only do you utilize the features like a bank account, but also enhance your service quality and risk management.

It is obvious that your merchant account is a necessity in customer service that facilitates customers to pay conveniently online by physical or virtual cards, and this improves your revenue.

Besides, we offer an international merchant account for you. Therefore, your account will get paid instantly in different currencies when it comes to global e-commerce.

2. Increasing security

We apply the highest standards of security for merchants with PCI-DSS compliance, Tokenization & 3D- Secure Transaction features for every single transaction to prevent fraud and ensure confidentiality. Your client’s datas will be protected and they will trust your brand with the highly secure online merchant account.

3. Lowest merchant account fees

DSBC Financial Europe is proud of our best-in-class EU merchant account services that support your businesses to grow sustainably with low operating costs. We also offer free online merchant account opening, which may be an ideal choice for your online businesses.

4. Smart cash management

SBC Financial Europe will help you manage your capital in an organized way with detailed monthly statements of all transactions that have been made. Thanks to the international merchant account, you can track payment reports in currencies and payment methods and more through an online interface where you can log in any time, anywhere with an internet connection.

By reviewing the customer's payment history, you can easily deal with finance management, cash flow and profits.

2. What is the difference between a merchant account of DSBC Financial Europe and other merchant accounts?

There are a massive amount of payment service providers (PSP) in Europe and in the world, but to be advised - all merchant accounts are not equal in terms of service quality and security. Here are some factors to consider DSBC Financial Europe merchant account services as your optimized choice among others.

Tailored to your business

As we can synchronize your merchant account at DSBC Financial Europe to your business brand recognition.

Industry experience.

We are proud of our more than 10 years of experience in corporate clients’ consultation in the fields of financial services, company incorporation and tax advisory services, etc. that can assist your business to thrive globally. We are one of the top merchant account providers that you can rely on.

Commitment to data security.

Your merchant account information and your customer payments will be put on top priority with DSBC Financial Europe. With our highly secure system, your data will be protected against any fraud and cybercrimes.

Customer support.

When you are first introduced to a new interface, you may need to be trained and supported, and we always certainly accompany you whenever you have inquiries.

3. How to get a merchant account for online business?

To obtain an EU/international merchant account for online business you can follow the below steps:

Option 1

Step1: You can visit our website ( and click to “Open an account” on the top right corner.

Step2: In the “Type of DSBC Financial Europe Account” you should click to Corporate account if your business is incorporated in the EU or Offshore account if your business is based outside of the EU. Then fill out all the required fields.

Step3: In the “Recommended Service” you should tick merchant account

Step4: fulfill your personal information and click submit.

Step5: Our relationship manager will get in touch with you for support.

Option 2

Step1: Send request email to [email protected].

Step2: Our relationship manager will get in touch with you for support.

However, please mind that to sign up for a new merchant account, you have to register for the DSBC Financial Europe Corporate Account or Offshore Account in advance.

4. What are the merchant account and payment gateway?

Merchant account and payment gateway are integral parts of an e-commerce merchant. The 2 elements support online business and digital commerce perform seamlessly and instantly by accepting payment from online cards and collecting money for merchants in their own bank account.

A payment gateway is referred to the technology that connects merchants to payment networks. The term literally means a sophisticated system including payment processing, fraud prevention engine, data analytics, recognition functions, etc. that facilitates card payments possible.

A merchant account is an account that enables your merchants to process online card payments. When your customers pay, the funds will be deposited into your retail merchant account. It depends on the designated schedule as determined by your payment gateway, funds are automatically transferred to your corporate account from your retail merchant account.

With DSBC Financial Europe, you can discover our one-stop-shop services, from merchant accounts to payment gateways, current account for personal and business as well as offshore entities with international Master Prepaid cards which assist you to go global with possibility.

5. When will I receive funds in my corporate banking account from the credit/debit/prepaid card online payments?

In general, the timeline for receiving money from customer’s payments is 15 days since the date your client made a transaction. However, this schedule may fluctuate in different industries because of the product or service type that your company is doing business. To track the processing time, you are encouraged to log into your internet banking account at for more details. If there are some unusual transactions, we will alert you by email or notifications on your DSBCnet account. In a few circumstances, your relationship manager will contact you directly to inform the payment status and support you to clear this pending issue.

6. What if I need to terminate my merchant account early?

DSBC Financial Europe encourages you to continuingly use your merchant accounts for sales and e-commerce purposes minimum in 1 year. Nevertheless, for some reasons, you might want to terminate the merchant account service, you need to inform DSBC Financial Europe for support by sending a cancellation email to [email protected] and provide your details in the email. There is no cancellation fee for the merchant account. Processing time for the early contract ending is from 3 to 5 working days. Later on,DSBC Financial Europe will confirm to you the status of your request via email. Please mind that your corporate account still works and you can make transactions as normal.

In case you no longer want to continue using your DSBC Financial Europe corporate account, you can request to terminate the account by following the DSBC regulations or contact your relationship manager for support.

7. How much does a merchant account cost?

To open a new merchant account, you need to apply for a DSBC Financial Europe corporate account/offshore account. We offer the best deal with free account opening fee to support all clients in the EU and across the world scale up their international businesses in a perfect way.

Next step, you can create a merchant account free of charge especially for EU and UK companies and others.

For more detail in merchant account cost, please visit our website to check what you are looking for.

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