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According to data recorded by The World Bank, more than 22 billion USD was transacted through Nigeria in 2017. As a result, we may conclude that this is a country with significant economic development potential. Many Nigerians send and receive money from other countries. As a Nigerian, you may easily send money overseas in many different ways. Don't miss this article if you're seeking ways to transfer money from Nigeria to overseas countries, DNBC will bring you the most essential information.

How to transfer money from Nigeria?

Digital Banking institutions have become one of the most visited search engines since 1995. With technological advancements in providing optimal payment solutions, they have been supporting many businesses around the world with tailored solutions in global payments.

Whether you already run or plan to expand your business in Nigeria, having a reliable partner to help you handle transactions is crucial. The right facilities with in-depth knowledge of the area can help you achieve efficiency. Therefore, opening a business account as soon as possible is the top criterion. Measuring this process by understanding your financial systems, transaction fees, and possible responsibilities is essential to making the right decisions. Check out our 3 suggestions for creating a business account in Nigeria to avoid risk.

Western Union

Western Union Money Transfer continues to dominate the Nigerian industry, with hundreds of local business using the banking network. The online platform has a long history of engagement with key financial institutions in Nigeria, primarily commercial banks, and about 5000 business channels. If you want to send money overseas while in Nigeria, this is the place to use.

Money Gram

Money Gram is one of the most important worldwide payment networks, with a presence in over 200 countries and a network of over 300,000 outlets. The new CBN guideline for outbound money transfers permits Money Gram to collaborate with a number of Nigerian banks to facilitate the transfer of funds from Nigeria to other nations.

Digital Banking Company - A rising star DNBC Financial Group from Canada

DNBC Financial Group is a financial services company providing online money transfer and digital payment services present in more than 173 countries worldwide. Users can use the service for international payments . In Nigeria, if you're seeking ways to transfer money from Nigeria to overseas countries,why don’t you start using DNBC's services, you just need to sit at home and open an account online via the internet.

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