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Digital prepaid card - a convenient and secure online option for payment

Updated time: Aug 29, 2020, 06:42 (UTC+03:00)

With the tragic event of COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing society is starting to become the norm where most of our activities are done at home and online. This leads to a constant need for a safe and convenient option for online payments. Usually, the answer is to get a debit or credit card, however, how can you get a card for these purposes if you cannot get out of the house? The answer is quite simple, get a digital prepaid card.

What are digital prepaid cards?

Digital prepaid cards, also known as virtual prepaid cards, are produced online and emails delivered cards for performing online transactions. This type of card is as capable as any normal debit and credit cards with similar card numbers and a card verification value (CVV) code, they even come with 3D-security for safety measures. Therefore, you can do online shopping with digital prepaid cards without worrying about cybercriminals.

What are digital prepaid cards?

Digital prepaid cards, a new but very familiar concept

Just as the name prepaid card suggested, each card will have a virtual account and you would need to top-up the prepaid card before making any purchases, but once the money is loaded, it is ready to be used just as capable as your wallet or any debit cards you have with you.

What advantages do digital prepaid cards provide me with?

First of all, "DSBC Financial Europe" UAB ("DSBC") digital prepaid card is approved by Mastercard, which is recognised worldwide, so our cards are capable of making online purchases to your heart's content.

Each one of our digital cards has a prepaid Mastercard virtual account so you can top up easily from our DSBC network and there is no limit to where you can shop or which country you are from. We know you already have enough on your plate during this time of hardship, let us take care of online payment for you.

What advantages do digital prepaid cards provide me with?

Digital card for quick access and secure online transactions

Additionally, you don't need to worry about getting used to the new card or spend time understanding how it works, our digital prepaid card has functions and the look of a normal debit card, with one distinction is that you cannot hold it in the palm of your hand.

You would not need to carry an additional card with you, your card and the card account are safe on your phone and in our internet banking network, eliminating the risk of misplaced or stolen cards. Your card will always be protected by both your phone security and our two-factor authentication. This is both a convenient and a secure option for shopping.

Using a prepaid card means you would need to top-up your card every now and then, which also means you are putting up another layer of protection using the virtual account, even with leaked information from the website, the criminal can only access your prepaid card account and not your whole account balance.

Why should you choose a DSBC's digital prepaid card?

There are a lot of institutions which provide you with an opportunity to open a digital card. However, there are certain things you need to consider when opening one, namely, security and ease of access for both top-up and spending.

With a trusted financial institution like DSBC, you can be sure that at every step of the way, you are protected from cyber threats and most importantly you do not need to worry about leaving your home to get it done, which can be a real lifesaver when it comes to crowded hotlines and queues in banks during the pandemic. You will receive an instant prepaid card in your email and all you need to do is to activate it via our internet banking.

Our digital prepaid card can be managed effortlessly from our DSBCnet internet banking and our apps anywhere you want, eliminating the risks of installing any third party or suspicious apps on your phone. Another benefit of using the same system for both current account and prepaid cards is that your card will receive the same top of the class protection as your current account.

Why should you choose a DSBC’s digital prepaid card?

We offer the best security your digital prepaid card can get

Due to the nature of a prepaid card, you would have to top up your card now and again but this would not be an inconvenience with DSBC because, unlike any other prepaid card, DSBC's digital cards are part of our network and you can make transfers anytime you want and your request would be done in seconds, this including both top-up to and withdraw from your digital cards.

Last but not least, there is always the time when we cannot seem to collect ourselves and may forget about our card number or CVV code, at the time like that, you can contact us via our hotline at +370 5 240 5555 or email us at [email protected] to easily recover any information of your digital card. There may be some process taking place to ensure it is you sending the request so please bear with us.

How can you get a digital card?

So now you have understood the purpose of a digital card and want to have one while wondering how hard the process can be then the answer is not hard at all. You don't need to buy prepaid cards online through any third-party websites, if you have a current account with us, ordering a prepaid card is as easy as sending our Relationship Managers a requesting email and you will receive your prepaid card instantly.

If you have yet owned an account with us, you only need to follow our 4 simple steps to open a current account:

Step 1: Fill in the registration form on our website

Step 2: Submit your necessary documents to us

Step 3: We will arrange a remote interview for identification purposes

Step 4: You will receive a confirmation email

Once you have an account with us, you can apply for a prepaid card online and your card number will be sent to you via your email within minutes hassle-free.

We understand that this is a hard time for everyone so our account opening process can be fully completed online effortlessly. If you ever need any help, our hotline will always be there to support you, just as a normal bank counter except we work 24/7.

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