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DNBC Announces Changing Domains and Update New Features - Make The Transitions Easier During The Rebranding Process

Updated time: Aug 23, 2021, 12:04 (UTC+03:00)

DNBC has gone through many transitional stages to allow us to stay upbeat. Setting up a good mindset and creating better services are probably the most important things that we are trying our best to do for our clients. Using a new logo, a new blue-tech color, shows modern innovation, and brings a stronger brand personality to the fore.

In August, 2021, DNBC Financial Group is proud to announce that in conjunction with the new trademark (DNBC Financial Group®), DSBC Financial Europe UAB is launching the new website domains ( to and to, as well as the new domain for the internet banking ( to

To keep our clients with the convenient routines, we still remain the old domains working with the new domains at the same time. When the switching process is finished, the new domains are going to take the places of the old domains as the official websites. The old domains are going to be redirected to the new domains for the final outcomes.

DNBC New Domain Objectives and Prospects

To create a clear customer vision, we have decided to specify our official websites prospects and objectives:

* has been organized as a multi-level integration of our comprehensive services and resources for global clients.

* has been organized as a regional online representation of the company and also contains comprehensive information for European clients.

* works as the official internet banking for every client (including inside and outside Europe) to manage accounts and make transactions.

DNBC Announces Changing Domains and Update New Features - Make The Transitions Easier During The Rebranding Process

Offering effective financial payments as well as international transfer solutions in Europe and over the world, DSBC Financial Europe UAB, member of DNBC Financial Group™ has upgraded the trademark to reach out more at the international level. We are still serving personal and business clients with the present financial services available on our platforms, but only under new domains and a new trademark. There is no need to be concerned about your services or accounts. We only change our trademark and domains to reach higher commitment as a part of the rebranding plan.

DNBC New Updates for Rebranding Recognitions

Coming with our new domains, we have decided to get new colours making over for our websites as you currently see on our official websites and their new domains at the present. Our colors, emails, letters, documents, and forms are going to be instantly updated for synchronizing with our rebranding campaign. We are also looking forward to making our new trademark of DNBC for our mobile application as soon as possible.

To synchronize with our new trademark, we are going to update the new logo and features on our mobile applications as well. Furthermore, the mobile application will soon enable our global clients to experience new features and new interfaces in terms of increasing our customer experience.

DNBC Announces Changing Domains and Update New Features - Make The Transitions Easier During The Rebranding Process

Besides, clients may see that we are going to roll out a new domain of email ( However, we remain using the old domain of email ( at the present to limit any confusion for our customers.

We have given our clients a period of time to become familiar with the new interfaces of internet banking before we switch to the new domains and the new interfaces take over the old ones. Therefore, clients will have chances to experience the new interfaces that we are trying to update generally for better services and create another important step for our global integration.

DNBC Updates for New Features

Upcoming, DNBC is going to create many transformation updates for our mobile applications with the purpose of enhancing our clients experience. The bigger updates for our e-banking application on mobile are expected to show up in October. DNBC updates express the rebranding recognitions as well as create more upgrades for client experience on our e-banking platforms. DNBC is working with our mobile application; therefore, our mobile apps development starts and ends with the user. Our mobile application is expected to achieve efficient onboarding, error-free functionality, and accessibility.

DNBC Announces Changing Domains and Update New Features - Make The Transitions Easier During The Rebranding Process

Currently, clients can experience some new features such as Mobile-Top-up or Table of Currency Exchange on our internet banking platforms. DNBC is looking forward to receiving feedback about our new features as well as our new appearances from clients to improve our services. Please email to [email protected] for sending feedback to us.

DNBC hopes you have a clear comprehension of these changes as much as we do! We’re so grateful that our customers rely on DSBC Financial Europe UAB to support your global payments and transfers.

For more information, please visit our new domain and our internet banking. If you have questions, please contact us.

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DNBC Financial Group is thriving as a solution to global financial payments with a strong passion for simplification. We set ourselves a mission to help our customers by sending, spending, receiving, and holding money internationally without any limitation. Up until now, our financial services have offered a variety of services following the monitor of the Bank of Lithuania. The scope of these services encompassed a broad range from European countries to global engagement.

Recently, DNBC is dedicated to serving our clients with many international transactions, opening accounts, and payment cards. In the next following years, DNBC is expected to be an efficient financial institution as much as expected to satisfy a wide variety of individual, business and economic objectives.

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