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DSBC Financial Europe UAB Announces Rebranding, Our Logo and Trademark Change from DSBC to DNBC.

Updated time: Jul 02, 2021, 05:46 (UTC+03:00)

DSBC Financial Europe UAB is rebranding with a new trademark, a new logo, and new recognitized colors as a part of an extensive rebranding outset.

Trademark Change from DSBC to DNBC

“When it comes to payments, we don’t mess around. We live and breathe through payment processing, from design to integration – more advancement makes more accomplishment. That’s why we’re so glad to support you with the exact kind of payment solutions you’re looking for.”


DSBC Financial Europe UAB began its journey three years ago in 2017. We’ve headquartered in Lithuania and support business financial transactions for individuals as well as enterprises around Europe. We are thriving as a solution to global financial payments with a strong passion for simplification. We set ourselves a mission to help our customers by sending, spending, receiving, and holding money internationally without any limitation.

At the moment, DSBC Financial Group is changing to DNBC Financial Group — reflecting the company’s efforts to move further into the world of people and businesses using an easy-going method of money transfers and payments. We want our clients who live, work, and travel globally to understand that we intend to remove the middle line of being truly borderless. For your information, our new trademark certification has been authenticated by (EUIPO) European Union Intellectual Property Office (Registration: No 018391019). This step brings us closer to making it possible for our clients to make transfers and payments anywhere in the world.

For our customers and partners, there is not too much change right away. Clients can access the same accounts and passwords via We are not going to change your current services or current fees. There is no need to be concerned about your current accounts or current services. Our and are only changed to the new logo - trademark. Our legal entity remains unchanged at present.

Trademark Change from DSBC to DNBC

Our logo is going to change to new symbols and colors. The new logo - trademark will be updated for our applications on Google Play and App Store. We will change our logo - trademark on our social networks as well. However, we are limiting any confusion for our customers. We aspire to advance our customer experience. Our mission remains in offering solutions for borderless payments and money remittance. Our regular services are as they should. Beyond that, you’ll be able to experience some new colours, words, and designs from our forms, user guide, profile, emails, and letters in terms of moving forward with the changes of logo - trademark on our platforms.

Furthermore, we are glad and dedicated to launching a new internet banking interface with many benefits. It is the first advancement in our rebranding plan to leverage our client experience. We are going to update our new logo - the trademark on our internet banking platforms as well as mobile applications in conjunction with our rebranding campaign at present.

We’re so grateful that our customers rely on DSBC Financial Europe UAB to help with your global payments and transfers. We are excited to bring a gradual lively tempo to our client’s business as we continue to build a new and fair world of payment services.

Best Regards,

"DSBC Financial Europe" UAB

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