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Goodbye notes, say hello to Fintech with a DSBC Financial Europe account

Updated time: Jun 25, 2020, 10:25 (UTC+03:00)

Imagine having one account that allows you to spend, trade worldwide, and get paid in Euros, or the possibility that all of your transactions will happen in a smartphone, or with a Debit/Prepaid card. Thanks to Fintech, now we can believe in a new future where all payments are cashless. However, somehow there are still difficulties to open a Euro account. We have a 3-minute solution that could significantly help you change your mind forever.

Is there a better method for personal financial management?

Opening a bank account is too time-consuming and frustrating for you? Then, you have to consider opening an online Euro account at DSBC Financial Europe (“DSBC”) for endless features and discounts. Just stay at home, you can open a Euro account online in minutes. We have a passionate and dedicated team always ready to support you in your process.

A DSBC Financial Europe account comes with an IBAN number (International Bank Account Number). These numbers are widely used for account owners across Europe that need to reach international wire transfers. This makes it similar to having a European current account where you can effortlessly send and receive funds in Euros. This IBAN also allows people to proceed with their payments fast and securely.

Your IBAN will be a sequence of up to 34 numbers that distinguish you from other clients. These numbers were made with the vision of minimizing fraud and cyber risk along with making payments faster and more secure. Individuals opening personal accounts will use cards that contain these numbers to make payments and transactions in the Euro currency. IBAN can only be used with SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area).

Features of a personal account:

  • Multi-platform online payment.
  • Transferring and receiving money for free between DSBC Financial Europe accounts.
  • Currency exchange with competitive rates.
  • Worldwide money transaction with a small fee.
  • Spending, withdrawing both online and offline.
  • Your personal information will be kept secret.

Features of a personal account

DSBC provide a wide range of financial services

Not only we offer the best Euro account opening service, but also we provide different important features that will come in handy for you. Having a card will allow you to withdraw money, transfer money offline. We also develop a DSBC mobile app that can help you make your transactions online with a fast login and user-friendly interface. Now, you can use our service anywhere, anytime. The future of cashless payment has never been easier with DSBC Debit/ Prepaid MasterCard.

Driven by the customer-centric motto, we offer FREE transactions between DSBC Euro Accounts. DSBC Financial Europe Account, with an operating range of over 190 countries, you can either fund or withdraw almost anywhere in the world. Also, customers can manage money effectively with instant notifications. You will be notified whenever your balance changes.

We do things to create a greater connection with our customers

As one of the Fintech innovators, DSBC Financial Europe is determined to bring breakthrough solutions to our customers. With a mission to offer the best payment platform, we always improve our systems, update the latest technologies. Now, our clients can have an account that can make transactions worldwide at a much cheaper price than banks.

DNBC Financial Europe

Open a DSBC Euro account online today for FREE along with plenty of other discounts and promotions. For just 3 minutes, you will hold a compilation of possibilities, opportunities, and many more advantages that lie in a single account. Check out how to open a DSBC personal account as below.

How to create a personal account with DSBC Financial Europe

DSBC Financial Europe is a global financial institution. We are a fast-paced and dynamic enterprise that constantly improves and develops every day. We provide a variety of financial solutions for your business through remittance, foreign exchange, card issuance, merchant account payment services, and international banking. Should you have got any questions, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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