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Knowledge is the best defense against cybercrime and fraud

Updated time: Dec 03, 2020, 10:43 (UTC+03:00)

Cybercrime evolves their practice continuously, we should stay up-to-date with the new financial secure information to protect ourselves as the first line of defence. DSBC Financial Europe is pleased to provide our clients the DSBCsecure Guideline Guideline to assist our customers enhance the phishing threat awareness and cyber security risk mitigation.

DSBC Financial Europe UAB would like to alert our customers of phishing emails, scam attacks from spoofed DSBC website or SMSes claiming to be from DSBC Financial Europe and containing a malicious attachment or phishing links and credentials hack from fake DSBCnet internet banking or mobile banking app.

If you receive any suspicious emails and landing pages or you find an unofficial DSBCnet mobile banking app on App Store and Google Play, please alert us at +370 5240 5555 or email: [email protected] and do not open any attachments, links nor expose your credentials. We will report the matters to the Lithuania Central Bank.

A brief guide to help you reinforce your knowledge on cybercrime, scam and protect yourself, your business from phishing attacks.

1.Phishing email usually slightly misspells the official company name/ website address/ domain of email

Fraudsters may use a slightly different name from the authentic company. These fake brands can lie to users and encourage them to disclose their confidential information.

Some scams attack users by email with fake domains that victims could recognise like “”.

To stay safe when encountering the suspicious, you should carefully check the spelling of phishing emails and immediately report to DSBC Financial Europe.

2.Official DSBCnet Internet banking and mobile banking app

2.1 Official DSBCnet Internet Banking

To log into your DSBCnet account on web browsers you can visit or and follow below steps:

Official DNBCnet Internet Banking

Click the "Online banking" button on the top right corner.
Or click the "DSBCnet" option at the "Useful links" on the footer website.

Official DNBCnet Internet Banking

Then you will see DSBCnet landing page:
and after that click to the "Log on" button.
The official Login DSBCnet page is:

2.2 Official DSBCnet Mobile Banking App

To avoid fraudsters from scam mobile applications in stores, DSBC Financial Europe would like to help you recognize the authentic DSBCnet mobile banking app icons that are available on iOS and Android and the right links to download. To install the official DSBCnet mobile banking app, you can download from:

The DNBCnet App Store icon preview
The DSBCnet App Store icon preview
QR code
The DNBCnet Google Play icon preview
The DSBCnet Google Play icon preview

3.Hoax SMEes that stimulate victimes take action

Several people may be cheated into providing their personal information and payment card details on phishing SMSes or over the phone, after responding to advertisements via SMSes purposely sent out by DSBC with the content like earning a big number of money, getting great value of promotion, becoming a billionaire and they do attach a link or download file which calls to action.

DSBC Financial Europe sends our clients SMSes with three purposes:

OTP message

1/ OTP message

Password changing

2/ Password changing

Referral Link

3/ Referral Link

If you receive SMSes that claim to be sent from DSBC with content different from the 3 purposes above, please report directly to DSBC Financial Europe hotline.

4.Be caution on social media

There are various advertisements across Facebook, LinkedIn and other channels with promotion content from one of the banks regarding an investment opportunity, fund transfer and huge discount for account opening. Upon clicking the link provided, victims will then be directed to a website that either promoted a new investment product or bank account. You should be conscious about the host of these advertisements and check the hyperlink whether or not it is the official website of DSBC Financial Europe: or

Social media

DSBC Financial Europe would like to express our gratitude to all clients and we look forward to our long-term relationship. Should you have any questions or you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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