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Obstacles of Seychelles firms in EU market and IBAN offshore company account solution

Updated time: Nov 17, 2020, 07:14 (UTC+03:00)

Doing business in the EU is usually associated with offshore company accounts. For many Seychelles firms, banking regulation in Europe is a huge challenge that these enterprises are encountering. But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and with IBAN overseas account services for business, global trade can thrive to a new horizon.

IBAN offshore company account for Seychelles firms

IBAN offshore company account for Seychelles firms

Difficulties for Seychelles based firms with offshore company accounts in EU market

It is a normal practice when there are many firms incorporated in another country with their representative office and run an overseas business in European markets. Irrespective of the purpose, the companies still have demand on Euro offshore business accounts in order to send and receive money between their clients and their business partners in Europe.

There are various difficulties for Seychelles companies to open a overseas account in Europe, and the biggest one is being rejected by major banks and financial institutions in Europe. Many European banks and Institutes may classify clients based on corporate finance and the number of employees. Some require clients to branch visit and provide sophisticated documents.

Another challenge is that many European banks impose the limited offshore jurisdictions list. This means that for those companies that are incorporated in some non popular jurisdictions may be rejected to open an EU offshore company account.

Moreover, some European banks have a very high net-transaction requirement that may restrict many offshore firms to onboard, especially small and medium enterprises.

What is the Euro offshore company account?

DSBC Financial Europe is a Payment Institution with head office based in Lithuania, Europe. We support our client's global business by offering Euro offshore current account service. As being our customer, your Seychelles based company can open an IBAN offshore business account which you can transfer and receive money in Euro currency across Europe and other jurisdictions that are SEPA Credit Transfer participants.

Benefits of IBAN Offshore company account for Seychelles firms

There will be no more obstacles with DSBC Financial Europe IBAN offshore current account.

  • Your company can receive money in real time from any senders across Europe and the globe within the SEPA network.
  • Get instant international bank details when you input the IBAN of the beneficiary before transferring.
  • Online account opening, you do not need to visit a branch for onboarding.
  • Get your IBAN account in a few hours.
  • Transfer funds faster than inter-bank transfers outside of Europe.
  • Save foreign exchange fee significantly compared to inter-bank transfers.
  • Private Relationship manager contact point and be taken care of your account 24/7.
  • It's FREE for opening multi-currency account fees.

Extra services with Euro offshore corporate account

Not only do the directors or the beneficiary owners have the users to manage their offshore business account, but also DSBC Financial Europe offers more one-stop-shop services to fulfill all your needs when it comes to doing international business in Europe.

  1. Manage your capital comprehensively by FREE internet banking and FREE user-friendly mobile banking app. With internet connection, you can access your funds and make wire transfers in real time.
  2. Elite package for individual clients. While your offshore company can open IBAN offshore current accounts remotely, as a director or benefit owners, you can also approach personal banking offers from DSBC Financial Europe with personal current account and payment Mastercards in multi-currencies with privilege price and long offer duration. Learn more!
  3. Merchant account for e-commerce with FREE account opening fee. Maximising your profits with DSBC Financial Europe merchant account - the best payment gateway to explore online business.

Open offshore account online with IBAN NOW!

To open an IBAN offshore business account, you can visit DSBC Financial Europe website and register online or if you need more consultation, please leave your contact in the box below, our Relationship manager will contact you as soon as we can.

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