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Partnership Program - Refer clients to open IBAN Checking account for global businesses

Updated time: Sep 15, 2020, 12:39 (UTC+03:00)

Dear our valued partners,

DSBC Financial Europe would like to share with you our latest referral program. It begins today with our solid promise to join hands and create a brighter future. Start our journey together and discover the great advantages of IBAN checking account for your business and your clients.

Partnership Program - Refer clients to open IBAN Checking account for global businesses

Partnership Program - Refer clients to open
IBAN Checking account for global businesses

Our services

DSBC Financial Europe is proud of our best-in-class IBAN current account and international payment MasterCard services that help your clients, your business partners and vendors solve their financial problems with ease. The innovative technology that we develop is a solid foundation for global businesses around the world.

IBAN checking account offers

Not only do we support most European companies but also many offshore entities around the globe namely Hongkong, Singapore, The UAE, The USA, Mauritius, British Virgin Islands to open IBAN checking accounts in Europe and enable their international businesses to run in harmony.

You can manage business expenditures by DSBC Financial Europe MasterCards. We offer 2 types of the card depending on the client’s needs (Physical and Digital cards). With DSBC Financial Europe IBAN checking accounts and Mastercards, your clients and partners can manage financial transactions and payments smartly and transparently with internet banking and mobile banking in more than 28 countries in the EU.

Why become our partner?

There is no obstacle for partners to become our partners. Our business philosophy is making it easy for you to get support from us when you need it. Our team had consulted thousands of corporates around the world to thrive their businesses on top of performance.

The key point that makes us become your trusted partner is 24/7 customer services. Every time your clients, your partners need financial solutions, we are ready to help. We always listen and act on your and your clients' feedback. Our team works hard every day to deliver the highest value of passive income to you with care.

Your benefits from our partnership

Needless to say, your clients would feel happy when they name service and you have it. With support from DSBC Financial Europe, your customers will experience the non-stop shop services, and that enhances your business quality. Every successful referral brings you a blissful reward. We would like to mention the passive income that you can earn.

We treasure every single deal from partners, so do not worry about the number of deals you may have. A long road tests a horse's strength and a long task proves a man's heart.

We go the extra mile by creating a global ecosystem

Giving means receiving is one of the unchangeable laws in the universe. You give one to the community but will receive more than what you expect. DSBC Financial Europe works closely with our network across the globe with over thousands of passionate partners. When our clients need support and your companies provide the service they might need, the deal is straightly passed to you. You and our network together create a global ecosystem to fulfill our client’s needs. DSBC Financial Europe club is waiting for you - our missing piece.

A new horizon is waiting for you and us. Collaborate with DSBC Financial Europe today by leaving your contact here, and we will contact you as soon as we can.

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