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Purchasing with prepaid Euro card during COVID-19

Updated time: Aug 28, 2020, 09:09 (UTC+03:00)

Buying with a prepaid card online has been more and more proven to be an undeniable alternative to cash. Especially under the devastating effect of the CoronaVirus, a payment card seems to be doing its job notably well. Furthermore, cross-border wire transfers using a digital prepaid Euro card is also a substantial payment method and a promising alternative to the traditional transaction systems.

How a current account card strengthens the European E-commerce market

Some research showed that the all-out online cross-border showcase (without statistics in travel) in Europe spoke to revenue of 108.75 billion euros in 2019. This is an expansion of 14.4 percent contrasted with the circumstance one year prior.

The isolated 24% per cent of E-commerce turnover is from cross-border sales that prove the significant development of online businesses. The advancement of the Internet has led to a new era of E-commerce.

Moreover, consumers will now find it easier to purchase internationally with the help of payment cards, especially prepaid Euro cards, where SEPA is used by almost the entire European Union (including the UK).

Your trustworthy financial institution to buy prepaid cards online

We will serve our treasured customers with the best traits from the tailored current account card when you buy prepaid cards online from "DSBC Financial Europe" UAB. With just a small amount of maintenance fee, our card buyers will receive:


  • Made for online purchases and contactless in-store payments with small card transaction fees.
  • Simply top up your prepaid Euro card and freely go shopping online.
  • Tiny currency conversion rate.
  • Strictly secured.
  • Smooth card transaction.
  • And so many more advantages waiting for you to discover.


  • Maximum safety with 3D secure technology.
  • Shop through the Internet at web-based shopping destinations all across Europe and the world.
  • A secured and trusted partner of "DSBC Financial Europe" UAB - MasterCard.

The best prepaid Euro card for cross-border purchases

There is a large number of worldwide accepted current account cards that carry well-known brands like VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, etc. Each of these current account card issuers has their strategy, market share and brings certain reliable benefits to the customers.

Moreover, when considering which current account card is the best prepaid Euro card to buy online that suits your demand, VISA and MasterCard are the most internationally trusted card issuers.

As a partner of MasterCard, "DSBC Financial Europe" UAB is launching the brand new prepaid Euro card for a seamless experience in a full range of payment services this September 2020.

The brand new "DSBC Financial Europe" UAB MasterCard charges a small amount of fee for monthly maintenance along with an affordable card transaction fee for buying with prepaid card online across borders, direct ATM withdrawal.

Thus, adapting to the situation of COVID-19, the "DSBC Financial Europe" UAB newly launched digital and physical prepaid Euro card will carry out completely contactless payments - minimising the chance of the virus spreading out.

The best prepaid Euro card for cross-border purchases

"DSBC Financial Europe" UAB Prepaid Euro Card

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We keep our customers safe from possible risks

"DSBC Financial Europe" UAB always updates the most advanced security systems in order to protect its clients from any potential fraud or cyber risks that could lead to personal information or assets loss, especially during the CoronaVirus pandemic.

We offer the prepaid Euro card linked directly to your current account that will maintain sustainability and safety under various cyberattacks aiming for start-ups and people who lack experience.

The "DSBC Financial Europe" UAB prepaid Euro card is guarded with 3D Secure technology, which provides the cardholder protection when making online purchases. 3D Secure shields you from unapproved card transactions, as each online transaction must be confirmed by filling in the OTP (One-time password) or your own identification. To stop the criminal from stealing your personal information, it is necessary to enroll your prepaid Euro card in the 3D Secure security program.

Another feature made to ensure clients' privacy is Card Block. Even when someone has your prepaid Euro card or password, it is impossible for them to withdraw or transfer your money once the "DSBC Financial Europe" UAB MasterCard is blocked.

Completely transparent card transaction fees

Under no circumstances should customers pay for a single cent of card transaction fees when buying online or instore. Clients who own "DSBC Financial Europe" UAB current account card - either digital card or physical card, can experience seamless, chargeless online transfer and direct POS terminal payment.

In "DSBC Financial Europe" UAB, we value our customers and the transparency in both online and card transaction fees. Forget about the traditional payment gateways that charge customers with endless hidden card transaction fees.

Completely transparent card transaction fees

Make worry-free purchases without boundaries

The premium current account delivered to your doorstep

Don't let the pandemic stop you from thriving, whether for a personal user or a business entity, adapt and order your prepaid card to proper and straightforward financial management.

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"DSBC Financial Europe" UAB

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