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Untold benefits when you open a second bank account

Updated time: Oct 15, 2020, 11:56 (UTC+03:00)

To any problems, many people tend to find more than one answer before making any decision on the issues. Financial issues also perform a similar trend like any troubles in our life and your checking account acts as a gateway to your monthly finances, as a result there are more feasible solutions to improve your budgets rather than sticking to a single bank account. That is the reason why you should open a second bank account to leverage all advantages from the combination of multiple current accounts by banks and financial institutions to optimize your wallets without affecting your credit score.

There are various reasons that you may consider to open a second bank account to manage your finance in a smarter way. To open a second current account in Europe, you just click the opening button to discover the new journey.

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Second bank account - Multiple current accounts - DSBC Financial Europe UAB

Second bank account - Multiple current accounts - DSBC Financial Europe UAB

1. Second bank account assist you manage personal and business banking transactions separately

We all have different monthly expenses, especially individuals identified as consultants, freelancers and solopreneurs while we only have a single checking account. This might not make sense in some circumstances that we need to track business incomes, personal expenses or accounting, taxes, etc. It can make a difference when small-business owners, solopreneurs or traders manage their business transactions by a second bank account to separate personal expenditures from the existing bank account. A second current account that only serves for business purposes can help you see all business expenses, and you can quickly estimate your business incomes and modify monthly spending in an appropriate manner. If you are a person who is very busy, separating transactions for banking purposes enables you save time and improve your productivity.

Multiple current accounts also benefit salary earners. If salary is your primary source of income, you may have a payroll account which is designed for salaried class. As the name it is called, the salary account is basically opened by your employer to credit your salary. Almost all payroll accounts do not require minimum balance, but banking fees will be applied if you quit your current job. Individuals who change their career frequently might consider having a backup bank account to avoid that issue. On the other hand, you can control your finances by setting goals for monthly utility bills, foods and drinks and entertainment in a second current account to separate your saving money.

For many groups of companies, a second bank account brings enormous advantages for your business. If you manage your capital in different bank accounts for different subsidiaries or regional companies, you will see a clear panorama in terms of accounting and taxes as well as evaluate the capability of every single entity.

2. Switch bank account online make it easier to send and receive fund faster when it comes to internal network bank transfers

International transfer between different banks takes around 7 working days in general. The process of wire transfer includes a variety of phases from sending bank to intermediate bank and receiving bank. However, there is no need to wait when it comes to internal network bank transfer. If you switch bank accounts online to the same as your partners, your international payments will be executed in seconds. As a result, your partners, suppliers and clients will receive funds faster, leading to a seamless business transaction and vice versace.

For offshore companies, opening an IBAN account helps you run business in harmony with European clients and partners. While you are banking with a local institution, your global business can optimize profits with an IBAN offshore account as a second option for overseas trading. Instead of waiting for a week to pay and receive funds with your local bank account, you can switch existing bank account to EU offshore current account for transactions in 28 European markets to execute wire transfers in from 1 to 2 days for normal request, and in day for urgent request.

DSBC Financial Europe supports you with an IBAN current account even if you are local Europe clients or offshore businesses. Your fund transfers across Europe can take less than 2 business days with an urgent service option within SEPA Instant Transfer.

3. Multiple current accounts save money when you go abroad or execute international payments

Single currency account is only used for domestic transactions, however it could not work when you travel abroad or make an overseas payment online namely booking accommodations and flights, online shopping via Amazon or Ebay. It is possible to have multi currency accounts for payments in other currencies like USD or GBP if you are a European citizen. 

Multiple current accounts play a significant role in global business. Business owners usually have crossborder trips and stay in different countries. It is essential for you as an entrepreneur to have multiple bank accounts in different currencies. Normally, companies may have local currency payments and payment in USD or EUR. Some of them can be digital advertising payments, IT system maintenance receipts, international consultant service or logistics. With multiple current accounts, you can save a huge amount of expenditure for your companies when it comes to international transactions.

At DSBC Financial Europe, we offer various types of accounts according to currency and banking purposes. Not only clients pay less fee with our MasterCard rates, but also reduce foreign exchange fees with more choices of MasterCards in USD, EUR and GBP.

4. New second current account brings new offer to take advantage of

There are many banks that offer short term deals to encourage clients to open another bank account. Digital banks and financial firms are the pioneers in the trend. They launch attractive programs to persuade clients to switch bank accounts online easily.

DSBC Financial Europe is proud to be one of the pioneers in digital financial service and payment that offer you free account opening. You can refer here to update the latest promotion for online account opening.

5. Try the new one to find which fits your banking goals

We tend to be afraid of change and prefer some familiar options. That is obvious but should we do a new thing to see what if we make a change? Trying a different bank account helps you discover the new features, offers or the products and services that suit your needs.

Nevertheless, it would not affect your credit score if you open a second bank account. You can feel confident to apply for a second one to make use of other features while your current bank still has disadvantages.

6. Withdraw money easily at any ATMs with second bank account

What type of payment card? It can be a Visa Card, Amex Card or JCB Card. We sometimes have trouble with ATMs. In many situations that we really need cash urgently, it turns out that we feel hopeless with the ATM which does not accept your card. That is because of the difference in card providers' band name. To consider opening multiple current accounts link to multiple payment cards would solve this problem immediately. 

In Europe, MasterCard is the popular provider in the markets. If you run an offshore company or you need a MasterCard for payment in Europe, DSBC Financial Europe is willing to support you to access your money anytime anywhere.

Can I have more than one current account?

Switching bank accounts is no longer a trouble for many busy customers. A digital banking account is the best second option for you. You can apply for a digital second current account online without going to the branch.

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