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IBAN Checker

Authentic IBANs always follow a standard structure but this structure can be confusing. Therefore, we will tell whether your IBAN is valid and show you the representation of each component.

Check an IBAN

Check an IBAN

Example of an IBAN in Lithuania

Example of an IBAN in Lithuania Example of an IBAN in Lithuania

Example of an IBAN in Lithuania

What is the IBAN Number?

An IBAN (international bank account number) is a coding system consisting of maximum 34 alphanumeric characters.

Each character helps to validate the specific bank account:

First two letters represent the home country of the bank account (e.g. LT for Lithuania)

The next two numbers are check digits which are calculated using the MOD97 algorithm that provide the primary uprightness check for the IBAN standard.

Maximum of 30 remaining alphanumeric characters are for the purpose of identifying the bank name and the ordinary account number.

Example of an IBAN in Lithuania

Why do you need to have an IBAN?

Most European banks will require you to have an IBAN if you need to make international transactions. IBAN provides superior security for funds’ transfer by automatic validation of payments which helps to secure and accelerate the transactions. IBAN has been adopted by many international banks, but you may need to provide more details to send funds to other countries.

Which common mistakes cause one IBAN to be wrong?


Typing mistakes

IBANs are fairly long strings of digits and alphabet, thus, the failure of typing character to character is quite common. Please check every alphanumeric character carefully or try to copy and paste if you can.


Incorrect formats

There are some banks which will reject your transfer if you use the print format with spaces between characters. When conducting online payments, you should always use digital format.


Recipient details

Some banks may ask you for more details about yours or the recipient. It is important to fill in these details as accurately as possible, otherwise your transfer could be rejected in spite of IBAN’s validation.

This tool just can tell whether your IBAN is in the valid format, but we cannot guarantee its existence, or representation for the intended account. IBAN checker will help you to confirm some details you already know, such as the country or bank name.

Before conducting any transactions, please always check the IBAN with your recipient or bank.

If you think that your IBAN is incorrect, please contact your bank to cancel the transaction as soon as possible.

IBAN examples by country

Each country has a different IBAN format. Find an example of your country’s IBAN here.

IBAN Structure and Examples

Country code

Check digits

Bank code

Bank account number

Country name


Bank number

Bank name

Bank address

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